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The MrNussbaum world geography section features numerous interactive maps, activities and games, videos, research information, printables, and much more.


World Games and Activities

This section is FULL of games that reinforce world geography, world biomes, animals, facts and more. This section also includes worksheets, hundreds of world geography quizzes, interactive scavenger hunts, integrated reading comprehension and cloze reading exercises and much more. Over 200 online activities in this section alone.


The Seven Continents

This section features interactive, clickable maps of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, plus tons of integrated activities and printables!

World Images

World Nations

This section contains clickable, interactive maps of 33 nations including Mexico, Egypt, China, Italy, France, Morocco, India, Brazil, Canada and many others. Learn about amazing international sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, the Nile River, and much more about the geography, culture, and histories of such nations. Each page comes with numerous integrated online activities such as reading comprehension exercises, cloze reading exercises, and much more.

Interactive World Map

Interactive World Map

Learn all about the nations of the world, simply by scrolling over them. Watch them light up and display facts and statistics about each.

Sahara Desert

World Landforms

Use this clickable map to learn all about the major landforms of the Earth such as the Marianas Trench, The Great Rift Valley, the Grand Canyon, Nile River Delta and over 30 more. Many of these pages comes with videos as well.

Eiffel Tower

World Landmarks

This section features an interactive, clickable map that explores some of the world’s great man-made landmarks such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many more. Most of these pages come with awesome videos!


World Cities

This section explores the great cities of the world through an interactive, clickable map. Learn all about cities like London, Seoul, New York, Sydney, Rome, Mumbai and many others. Discover the fascinating histories of places near and far.


World Biomes

This section contains an interactive, clickable map that explores the great biomes of the world such as tundra, rainforest, desert, taiga, and more. Most of these pages also feature videos!

Statue of Liberty

United States

This huge section features nearly 100 different interactive, clickable maps, numerous worksheets, games, quizzes, puzzles, and problem solving activities, along with absolutely everything you need to make an A + state report!

Statue of Liberty

Make your own Interactive Maps

Make your own interactive, communicative maps of continents and nations. Simply insert "hotspots" in the maps with associated text and create passwords to edit and share your maps. Add as many hotspots as you want and customize their fonts and colors. When you or people you share your map with rollover your the hot spots you inserted into your map, the text you added will appear in a caption.


Map Maker 2.0

Map Maker 2.0 is a fantastic tool for young students learning about World Geography. Build maps from black and white outlines and add labels, stamps, cities, regions, map key and much more.