Virtual Birdwatcher

Vbirder is a virtual birdwatching game featuring high-definition 3-D bird graphics and utilizing real bird-distribution data to provide birdwatching novices and enthusiasts with an authentic online birding experience. VBirder is perfect for classrooms studying birds, or, for those who wish to practice their bird-identification skills. It is FREE! Easily identify everyday birds such as robins, cardinals, and blue jays, and others in the backyard habitat, or, try less familiar birds in the forest region of Pennsylvania such as the Scarlet Tanager, Great-crested Flycatcher, Eastern Wood-Pewee, or Ruffed Grouse. In the Desoto, Alabama region, scan the treetops for southerly-occurring birds such as Summer Tanagers, Orchard Orioles, or Yellow-throated Warblers and many more. in the Choctaw regions, look for common water birds like Mallards, Wood Ducks, Great Blue Herons, and Great Egrets, and Ospreys. Here, you can see majestic Bald Eagles or follow the looping flights of Purple Martins and Tree Swallows. Each location features abundant birds, common birds, fairly common birds, uncommon birds, rare birds, and even the rarest of all –accidentals. The less common the bird you identify, the more points you receive for its identification. Over time, your bird identification skills WILL improve using as you see birds from different angles, hear their songs and learn what birds are common in what habitats, and learn field marks that differentiate birds. You can even take "snapshots" of birds and post them to facebook or twitter. Finally, build your certificates from each habitat to include as many birds as you can.

Green Heron in "binoculars" view

Real-time statistics show your identification success rate, the relative abundance of each bird within the system, and the overall success rate of all players registered in identifying each bird. You” see that most participants have no trouble identifying robins and cardinals, but id success rates decline for less familiar birds. From within the Allegheny National Forest, bird watching enthusiasts have the opportunity to identify the rare Brewster’s Warbler and hopefully snap a picture.

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