The Lost Lunchbox Videos


Step 1

Introduction to the Lost Lunchbox and Getting through the Science Lab. This section reviews saving your game (without having to register) as well as the Book of Sorts, Your Energy and Time Meters, as well as the school currency - Magic Pencils.

Step 2

Earning Magic Pencils, Gymnasium, Visiting the Janitor, Music Room, Powering up in the Cafeteria,

Step 3

Visiting the Locker Room, Math Classrooms, Finding the Key to the Chest in the Locker Room.

Step 4

Finding the Key; Using the Telephone

Step 5

The Boiler Room, the Hot-cold Sensor, the History Classroom, a new locker room code

Step 6

Big Discovery in the Locker Room, Visiting the Janitor's Closet, 100 Magic Pencils

Step 7

The Pencil Parlor; Pet Store (could really be included in Step 1) , Writing Classroom and Geography Classroom