The Epic Journey of Lewis and Clark


Welcome to a TOUR of the EPIC Lewis and Clark Journey. Read the descriptions below and click on the link at the bottom of the page to continue.


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Lewis and Clark

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The Epic Journey

Summer 1804 – Into the Wild
Late 1804 – Teton Sioux Territory
Winter 1804-1805 – the Mandans
April 1805 – Grizzly Country
Summer 1805 – Great Falls of the Missouri River
August 1805 – Shoshone Country
Fall 1805 – the Bitterroot
November 1805 – Columbia River
Winter 1805-1806 – Fort Clatsop
1806 – Return Trip

Lewis and Clark Trail Marker


Imagine this:

* Your arms are numb from fighting the raging current of the Missouri River for eight hours each day;
* Your life and the lives of every member of the expedition are threatened by hostile Native Americans;
* You’ve endured a winter in which soul-piercing temperatures regularly fell to -45 Fahrenheit, not including the wind;
* Vicious animals such as Grizzly Bears and rattlesnakes and thundering herds of Buffalo were constant threats;
* Torrential rains threatened to wash out the expedition and rock-sized hailstones relentlessly pounded on you from above;
* Scorching temperatures during arduous summer portages tested every fiber of your being;
* Fleas, lice, and dense swarms of mosquitoes sucked away your blood;
* Needle-sharp spines from pesky prickly pears, seemingly destined to pierce your feet did their job and destroyed your moccasins at the same time;
* Miles and miles of towering snow-capped mountains stood in your way. Crossing them would result in frostbite, near-starvation, and the hopeless realization that the ranges might never end, and you may die, lost forever among the rocky peaks and snowdrifts.
* Finally, after you managed to survive and endure all of the hardships and physical and mental challenges, and at the climax of an epic journey, you spend an entire winter devoid of sunshine, soaked by an unrelenting, cold rain in a 50 square foot, fetid cabin with at least 40 other people.


Does this sound like an EPIC dystopian novel or movie that sounds incredible? This journey was every bit as amazing as those from the Hunger Games or Divergent, except it was real. This was the reality of any of the 42 members of the Corps of Discovery in the Lewis and Clark adventure. Can you imagine?

The 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark journey was a real-life adventure story that could rival any in fiction or non-fiction today. It is a story of adventure and discovery, of reunion and redemption, and perseverance and innovation. Over the course of two years, William Clark, Meriwether Lewis and 40 other pioneers traversed and mapped the unexplored Louisiana Territory by boat and by foot and documented over 300 new species of animals and plants as well as numerous Native American groups. Miraculously, only one member of the Corps of Discovery died during the two-year journey, and he died of a burst appendix early in the journey. Learn all about this amazing, true story by taking the EPIC journey of Lewis and Clark.