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“There’s a whole lot of learning to be done here, and visitors will find value in the site’s obvious enthusiasm and endless educational creativity.” Furthermore, that “this entertaining website features a wide array of educational games and activities to help reinforce what is taught in school. Elementary aged students will find fun interactive games that hone math, science, language arts, and social studies skills. An easy-to-follow color-coding system helps visitors determine which games and activities are appropriate for their age and grade level, and most games are customizable by skill level or they progress from easy to harder rounds.”


Jamie B. Teacher- Mecklenburg County, NC


hought you would enjoy this…I asked my students to email me tonight and let me know what they thought about the site.  Here’s one:

  Hi Mrs. Barber! It’s Janine (obvious) and I’m letting  you know about Mr. Nussbaum. I LOVE it. It’s fun but it still teaches you things. It’s really cool!!

I forgot to tell you earlier that my students are super impressed that I have corresponded with you in email.  One asked if you were actually a real person (I showed them the picture of you and your wife on the free site to confirm…lol!).  Another asked how you made the site.  They all agreed that I should feel very important having been able to chat with you in email and get a free subscription to the paid site.  They are all a-buzz about it all!!!  They also took it very seriously and were made to feel likewise important when I told them that you had emailed me to ask if they liked the site.  I think they are a  little star struck!  lol!!  Thank you again for this opportunity. 


Corinne A. Teacher – South Portland, ME


Your site has been a staple of mine for many years. I am a technology integrator now in South Portland, ME. I work in a school called Frank I. Brown Elementary School. In it, there are a group of 4th and 5th grade kids that have used your site for two years. I just want you to know how much the kids enjoy "MrNussbaum"—I bring them to quite a few "hub" sites, but yours is the one they adore. I made my own simple site using Google Sites. None of it is my content; I just link things. But this year I got my very first note from a "fan". It was such a fantastic feeling, I just had to pay it forward. 
I have been a superfan of many things in my life: teen idols, blonde-haired pop stars, rock bands. Now I am a 37 year old teacher, mom and wife who gets star struck over leaders in EDtech. So, thank you, thank you. Great site that I hope keeps growing thousands more pages. You’re our hero. 


Lynda F. Technology Teacher – Huron Valley, MI


My name is Lynda Foote and I am a technology teacher for Huron Valley Schools in Milford, Mi.  I see 783 students in three buildings every week as they pass through my computer lab.  They are 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  I discovered your web site today and have had an awesome time exploring the various aspects that you offer.  I put my EI class on as ‘testers’ and they were engaged for their entire 45 minute class time.  Kudos to you as the rarely happens with that group! 
     Prior to the seven years I have spent teaching technology, I was a Kindergarten, first and second grade teacher.  This is my 35th year of teaching.  I am also a mom to 2 internationally adopted now teenagers.  My daughter was five when we brought her home from a Russian orphanage and she has struggled with reading.  I have learned how to write and rewrite things to enhance her comprehension.  I would very much like to be a contributor to your biography section.  I enjoy both history and writing so I think it would be right up my creative alley.


Linda M.


I just want to thank you for your website.

I am helping a recovering addict who has been clean for 4 years and has really put his life together. He is in the process of getting a career. While he has been a hard working guy, it’s been difficult for him to find a career as opposed to a job and he has a unique opportunity on Monday to take a test for a union job. We are using your tests to practice reading skills and comprehension. If he passes the test, he most likely has a whole new life and career.

Thank you and God Bless you for sharing these tools.


Stephanie – Future Teacher, PA


Hi Mr. Nussbaum!

I’m doing an education tech project for my Ed tech and the idea is to pick an educational website and basically play some games, analyze the site, and see if it a good resource for teachers. So I wanted to contact you saying that I’m using your site and I find it extremely helpful, and as a future teacher, who hopes to get a job in the next two years, it’s educational and fun! 
I hope to use your site for my students! 
Thanks for your great site and inspiring teachers all around the world!


Cindy McMilion Technology Specialist – Memphis City Schools


If you haven’t visited Mr. Nussbaum’s website, you definitely need to head that direction. It is indeed “a thousand sites in one”, with lots of great resources grouped by topic. Either drill down through one of the content areas or put your desired topic in the custom search field on the page.

Kevin Jarrett – Technology Facilitator and Blogger Northfield, NJ


What do you get when you cross a capable educator with an accomplished computer programmer?

Billing itself as a resource for K-8 students, this *INCREDIBLE* website has engaging interactive activities in a variety of areas in math, language arts, science and social studies. You won’t believe the interactivity and activity design. The entire site is even color-coded by grade level. But wait, there’s more!

The PREMIUM version of this site “allows parents and teachers to track student progress on skill-based games, quizzes, spelling tests and more. It also allows teachers to make online tournaments or challenge other classrooms to tournaments on any of the 16 available games.” WHAAAAAT??!?! Holy cow this thing is amazing. I’ve got to find a way to build a summer program around this site. It would be easy and fun!


Larry Ferlazzo, Technology Blogger Sacramento, California

And now, my pick as the number one Website For Teaching & Learning About U.S. History is….Mr. Nussbaum. There are tons of resources, interactives, and games there that will engage students.

Donna, Port Noches, Texas


Also, I wanted to say that as a Title Math Teacher’s Aide responsible for teaching math to K-3 students who are at-risk of failing, I appreciate your math games so very much. They are so visually compelling that they hold the attention of even the most challenged ADD of ADHD student. They make learning fun so that the student does not even realize he or she is “working.” I love that your games address specific skills and specific grade levels because that it what I have to have if I am going to use them.
Your games are simply PRICELESS to our campus. We are on a very restricted budget. They are cutting back in all areas. When I found your games I could use, I felt like shouting for joy!

May God bless you and your family for your generosity in sharing with our students!


Greg J. Bethany, OK

This site is simply amazing! Mr. Nussbaum is a young teacher who created this site to help students learn while having fun. There are flash games for the main subject areas: math, language arts, science and social studies. In each subject there are a wide variety of topics within them. They are really fun games that grab students’ attention and help reinforce the skills without them even realizing it. Another thing I like about the site is that it’s not separated by grade level which makes it a lot more accessible for special needs students. I taught math in a special needs high school and my students were able to play the games without having to feel bad that they were only playing elementary games. There is so much on this site that unfortunately I don’t have room to describe it all. It is definitely worth a look.
greatteacherfinds.com – https://teacherfinds.blogspot.com/2010/03/mr-nussbaums-interactive-and.html


Lisa P. 5th Grade Teacher

My wife and I are historians by undergrad degrees and by hobby. We were lucky that our daughter had dedicated historians like you all throughout her education. We enjoyed volunteering with her schools, and now that she is adjunct with a university and does a lot of concurrent enrollment programs as she searches for a curator’s position, we continue to volunteer as docents. Thank you for sharing your tricks of the trade with your colleagues to keep kids interested and informed. Keep up the great work


Roz. A, Teacher – Massachusetts

Last year I taught 5th grade Reading and Language Arts. This year I teach Math, Science and Social Studies. It has been so nice to find one website that includes all subject areas. I have shared your website with all my co-workers. I love going to the lab and being able to say, “You may do anything on Mr.Nussbaum.com” and the kids are EXCITED! Thank you for making such a fun and educational site!


Jane A. Teacher – California


Absolutely love your site. Thank you for making such wonderful resources available to the students of the US.


Dawn S. – Parent, Grand Forks, N.D.


I love your site! I’m always looking for math games to challenge my students – your site always satisfies!


Tony G. – Teacher, Chicago, IL


I just wanted to thank you for all of the great educational resources you have provided so many people with, myself included. I run the computer lab at Southwest Chicago Christian School and I am in charge of teaching computers to K-8. When I am teaching K-3, I am always using web resources to find games/activities to reinforce what the students are learning in their classroom. I use your site often, because of the wide variety of content. Our school does not have the budget for software, so free web resources are what we try to go with. Thank you for helping our students, our school, and schools like ours.


Annette R. – Teacher, Temperance, MI

Love the site. I am currently using the American Revolution Videos and information to provide informational text practice to my Junior Lit students.


Heather J. – Parent – Renton, WA

I am thrilled that games from this most excellent resource are now making their way on mobile devices!! My older daughter has been lucky to have Mr. N as her math teacher and I am hoping my younger one has him next year!


Mrs. Wechter – Teacher, Ligonier, IN

Thank you for the awesome resource you have created. MrNussbaum.com has become a staple for our classroom. Your site is yet another resource to effectively utilize classroom differentiation. Most often we use the games and activities as a whole class viewing on a classroom projector. The students recognize the layout of the site and cheer as I use the site often to introduce or review a concept. I love that they can be inserted into a normal day’s lesson. I have placed screenshots together to provide a table of contents of sorts to the site so that I can share this fabulous site with fellow teachers. Thank you for your devotion to education.


W. Raif – Parent, Prince William Co., VA

Hi – graduated high school not far from you, in Prince William County, now homeschooling mom to 4 (soon to be 5) in the highlands of Guatemala. New to your website, but very impressed and appreciating what we’ve used so far. Thank you for making so many quality reinforcements available without annual membership to your site!! Huge blessing to us, though I’m sure the income could be a huge blessing to you all…

Thank you!


Quaina F. – Teacher, Henderson, N.C.

I am a computer lab assistant at an elementary school in Henderson County, North Carolina. I have found many of your activities to be useful, helpful and entertaining. I especially like your Drag-N-Drop Math, which actually allows students to add and subtract ONES FIRST. I have only found one other website that does that, and it is a subscription site now.


Kathryn M. – Teacher, Wilmington, DE

I just discovered this site today. It is awesome!!!We have a teacher here at Delcastle High School who also attended Shady Side. I just told him about the site and I believe he will be emailing you. I teach special ed kids who will not graduate with a diploma. The levels are perfect for them. They are 1-8.

Judy T. – Teacher, Iowa City, IO

I just discovered this site today. It is awesome!!!We have a teacher here at Delcastle High School who also attended Shady Side. I just told him about the site and I believe he will be emailing you. I teach special ed kids who will not graduate with a diploma. The levels are perfect for them. They are 1-8.

Amy K. – Teacher, San Jose, CA

My students are in the middle of their first “for real” tournaments. Essentially, I just reset the Tony Fraction’s Pizza tournament and deployed a second tournament with Clara’s Ice Cream Shop. The students are enjoying themselves very much. I must tell you that I am actually quite amazed at how some of my most reluctant students are working hard to see their names listed in the high scores AND to trade flags. They have all figured out this feature and are surprisingly excited about it — they all want their “own” flag (as in country of origin). What a cool feature and a most welcome enthusiasm! Several of my students are rather reluctant learners (even though they are capable) and I am enjoying their excitement. This morning when we finally deployed our first tournament, the room was S-I-L-E-N-T. I had two other teachers stop in and they both wondered what was up — these students are RARELY silent! Thanks so much for these unexpected benefits!

D. Long – Parent, Seattle WA

Wow – I am absolutely amazed! I just found your website and it is absolutely wonderful! I have a second grader and your site will definitely be one that he will be allowed to use! Thanks so much – obviously there is a ton of effort that has gone into this and I am so excited to see such a wide variety of subjects in one place. Thank you for caring about the education of the next generation!

Jason P. – Teacher, Kenston, OH

My name is Jason Peterson and I teach at Kenston Local Schools. You gave an excellent presentation at our school last year and I would just wanted you to know that I use your website almost everyday in class. Your math games are perfect for SmartBoard activities and the student love them.