Story Units – Original Stories and Comprehension Activities for Kids


Soon to include audio!


Grilled Cheese Please (grades 3 + )


Grilled Cheese Please is the story of Richie, a boy who refuses to eat anything except french fries. One day, the unthinkable happens – he turns into a french fry! Read about what Richie has to do to turn back into a boy



The Legend of the Breakfast for Lunch Sausage

Little do most people know that the Breakfast for Lunch Sausage is responsible for many of the greatest achievements in world history. Learn all about how the legendary sausage shaped world history and what happens when a unsuspecting teacher stumbles upon the world’s final supply.


Paper Wings


Paper Wings is the story of one caterpillar’s quest for survival in the forest, and its eventual metamorphosis into a breathtaking monarch butterfly.


The Lost Lunchbox


Have you ever returned to school after hours to retrieve a lunchbox or assignment you may have forgotten? If so, perhaps you can relate to Sarah Jones, whose curiosity led to an incredible discovery when she thought no one else was around.


Story Unit Activities


Try dozens of interactive reading comprehension, cloze reading, vocabulary, sentence correction, crossword activities and much more related to the above stories.