Spelling Central – A Spelling Game

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Age Level Appropriateness
6 – 10
Practice with Spelling Lists
ABC Order/Missing Letter
Word Search/Word Scramble
Printable and Online Options


Text Instructions:

Step 1.) First, click “input words ” and type in the spelling words you would like included with these activities. You can use up to 25 words.

Step 2.) Then, click “online activities” or “printable activities.” You can choose from four different activities: word search, alphabetical order, word scramble, or missing letter. These can be completed by students online, or, printed out to be completed on pencil or paper. For the online word search, the user must find the words in the word grid and click on each letter of the word. When the entire word is highlighted, click “try word.” It will be eliminated from the word list. For the online alphabetical order activity, the user must use the arrows at the bottom of the page to arrange the words in the correct order. For the online word scramble, the user must use the arrows to put the letters of the word in the correct order. For the missing letter exercise, the user must simply type in the letter that is missing from the word and press the”enter” key on the keyboard.