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Solar System Maker


Bring your own solar system to life by creating nine different planets, adding rings, color, and moons, and then launching them into orbit. Watch as your planets orbit the sun. Name them whatever you want and print out your solar system when you are done.


Space Quake

A space quake deep in the solar system has rearranged the planets and Pluto and threatens to destroy everything! The human race depends on you for survival. Use your interplanetary superpowers to arrange the planets in their correct positions from the sun. If you do so correctly, you can earn a certificate featuring one of the eight planets or Pluto. Try for the fastest score possible and collect all nine certificates. 


Reading Comprehension

These are interactive, informational text passages and question sets designed to mirror state-mandated standardized tests. Each of these comes with ten multiple choice questions. Immediate feedback is given and detailed performance statistics can be printed (for the online versions). These are appropriate for grades four and up.


Meteors and Meteorites: Online | Printable
Galaxies: Online | Printable
Mars: Online | Printable


Cloze Reading

These are interactive cloze reading exercises. Students must read the passage and plug in the words from the word bank in their correct text boxes.

Earth | Saturn


Interactive Solar System Word Search

Students have ten minutes to find as many space-themed words as possible!