Second Grade Cloze Reading

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Cloze Reading Program for MrNussbaum XTEND – FREE with Registration

* Free with registration! Registration is free too! 16 others programs to use as well.
* Appropriate for grades 2-7
* 50 + exercises (identical to those below) integrated with science and social studies
* Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, and place in class
* Includes Word Bank functionality so that students can see every word they they use correctly and every one used incorrectly. Teachers can see percentage of class that uses each word correctly/incorrectly.
* Make, save, and deploy your own cloze reading exercises in minutes, or, use those made by other teachers.
Grade 2 + Cloze Options. Click on a link below to complete an exercise
Africa Online | Printable
Bald Eagle Online | Printable
Butterflies Online
Europe Online | Printable
Habitats Online
Insects Online
South America Online | Printable
Mammals Online
Rainforests Online | Printable
USA Online
Biomes Online | Printable
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