Parents and Teachers


Teachers use in a variety of ways including the following:

  • In the computer lab to provide students with extra practice in hundreds of different skills.
  • For practice. Students can practice thousands of different skills in any subject by using my interactive activities, flash cards, quizzes, reading comprehension exercises, drag and drop applications, cloze reading and much, much more.
  • In the classroom when students are finished with work.
  • For remediation or enrichment. Most of the games on are customizable by skill level, or progress from easy rounds to harder rounds.
  • On the SmartBoard or interactive whiteboard to show practical uses of skills on any of dozens of original games
  • For assessments. Teachers can use the site's many quizzes and practice modules to assess student learning
  • As an incentive. Kids love and will work hard to play the games as a reward.
  • As a research tool. Students can conduct research on papers, posters, and projects on hundreds of different science and social studies topics on one interys, including the following:
  • As a challenge - Students will respond to challenges and goals set by teachers. For example, challenge your students to get 50 on speed math.
  • For fun. The games on will make any concept seem like a game including fractions, decimals, and metric conversions.
  • For competition. Students are easily motivated by trying to best each other's scores on games and quizzes.

I am a parent, how do I use this site?

Parents and home-schoolers use the site in a variety of ways

  • For practice. Parents can help reinforce critical skills learned at school.
  • For fun. Parents can show students that learning hard concepts can be accomplished through games and interactive activities.
  • To set goals. Parents can records scores their children get on games and quizzes and challenge them to reach a certain score by a specific time.
  • As part of a home schooling curriculum. activities are perfectly suited for home schoolers and serve as useful and fun remediation, enrichment, practice, and assessment.
  • As a reward. is so fun, that kids often don't realize they're learning or practicing. Spending time on is far better for development than violent video games.

How to Navigate this Site

Navigating is now much easier. There are several navigational tools that allow teachers, parents, and students to find what they are looking for quickly. Below are descriptions of the navigational features

  • * Always return to the home page by clicking on the large logo at the top of most pages.
  • * Navigate to different parts of the site by using the the navigational icon links or the grade-level buttons (these have been newly added)
  • * Use the search tool to locate anything in the site.
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What will this site do for my child/student?

Kids love Parents and teachers tell me all of the time how much their students enjoy using the site. Many report that it keeps students engaged, challenged and entertained for long periods of time. The average user spends over 8 minutes on the site and views 10 pages! It can serve as enrichment for advanced students and remediation for students who have fallen behind. The games can help boost the confidence of students who have had trouble in school and change their attitudes toward learning. It is both challenging and easy to use; fun, yet educational. Many students don't even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun.

Can I link to this site?

Yes, please do. No permission is needed.

Are there special offers for parents and teachers ?

Yes. Join on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Edmodo to see offers and prizes. also offers thousands of free printables and lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards.