is a teacher-created web site that is intended to provide educational resources for kids to use under the guidance of their parents and teachers.  We recognize that visitors to our Site will include children younger than the age of 13 (“Children”).  As required by The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), we provide this privacy policy to inform parents and legal guardians (collectively, “Parents”) about our privacy practices.

Privacy Policy and Compliance with COPPA

The purpose of this page is disclose the practices of and associated sites (Nussbaum Education Network, LLC NEN) in as much detail as possible and in everyday non-legal language so everything is as clear as possible, particularly in the wake of new COPPA legislation. We recognize a portion of our audience is under 13 years of age. Additional questions should be directed to This policy is effective as of 5-17-2013.

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The Site, and its third party service and content providers, may gather IP address, usage data and other non-personal information for analytical purposes by means of cookies, beacons and other technologies.


Question and Answers


1. ) Does NEN collect personal information from children?

NEN does not collect information in a manner in which individual children or users can be identified.

1.) There are, however, several places on the website in which students are prompted to enter a name. The name prompts exist for the sole purposes of personalizing certificates that can be printed out by the user for achievement on games. Users are encouraged to enter a code name and no such name or code name entered into the games are saved or viewable by anyone other than individual using the application.

2.) Nussbaum Neurons - The Nussbaum Neurons system requires users to register a code name, password, and parent e-mail address. This system does not record any information in which a student's actual identity (name or address) can be determined. User responses to "trivia" questions are recorded and scored. The parent e-mail address is collected in the event a user earns a prize, the parent can give permission for the prize to be sent. These e-mails are not used for any purpose other than to send an e-mail in the event the child earns a prize.

3.) On the MrNussbaum Premium service, student information is collected (FROM PARENTS OR TEACHERS ONLY) in the following ways:

* first and last name

* school

* grade

* city and state of school location

This information must be entered by a teacher or a parent. Forms to enter such information are available only to teachers and parents who purchase accounts. Such information stored on the MrNussbaum Premium database is used for no other purpose than for the teacher's or parent's reference in their accounts. Account information and data is not analyzed in any way, or sold to third parties. The only time in which such information may be available to myself or administrators of the website would be in the event of an account issue escalated by the subscriber that required attention.

2.) When you visit the site, what do we know about you?

When you visit, we have no idea what your name is, where you live, or anything about you, nor do we have the information necessary to find out. We use to Google Analytics to learn visitation and usage statistics about our sites. Analytics allows us to understand what pages people are viewing on the site, how many people are visiting the site, how long people visit the site for, what city, state, and countries people who use the site are coming from, how they got to the site, what operating system and browser type they are using and other non-personal information

3.) How is information collected on NEN Apps?

When you download an app made by NEN, we have no access to any personal information regarding who purchased the app, other than what nation you live in. We do not collect personal information in apps or employ analytics of any sort, nor, do we use in-app sales or in-app advertisements.

4.) Does NEN collect images?

No. There is nowhere on where users can upload images. We have disabled the manual uploading of images from the U.S. Currency Generator Application.

On the site, images theoretically could be uploaded embedded in documents enabled in the Document Library sections of the student and teacher console. Again, all student (child) accounts for this site must be created by a purchasing teacher or parent. Teachers and parents have total access to any document uploaded by a student. Students CANNOT share these documents other students and are only visible to the registering teacher or parent.

5.) Can users enter text on NEN?

There are various places on the website where user can enter text, such as in the description and habitat fields for the Mammal or Insect Generators. Users can also enter text in the Sentence Surgeons Applications or the Cloze Reading Applications. Text is never saved or recorded, is only visible to the author, and is required for the educational value of the particular application.

Users can enter text on to answer quiz questions among other educational ends.

5.) NEN Use of Advertisements

Advertisements on are necessary for the continued existance of the site. is able to offer its entirety of its content free of charge for all users, in large part because of advertising sponsors. These advertisements are carefully screened to ensure a strict level of appropriateness for our audience. All advertisements on the site or now contextual, meaning they are targeted to the general audience of Whereas in the past, some of the advertisements were behaviorally-targeted, meaning ads would be displayed based on pages previously viewed by the users or searches conducted by the user. We have stopped using behaviorally-targeted advertisements as of July 1, 2013.

6.) Cookies and Analytics

A cookie is a small file placed on a user's computer by a computer program. It is designed to store information remotely. NEN uses cookies for the following reasons:

* To collect statistical data about NEN sites including its number of visitors, unique visitors, visitor location, user browser type, operating system, IP address, time spent on the site, and other, similar metrics. This information cannot be used to determine individual identity. Nearly all medium to large websites use cookies in this way.

* In the game Probability Fair, a cookie stored on the user's computer to determine how many "tickets" he or she has earned when they return to the game after having stopped playing. This "cookie" simply a text file with one number (the number of earned tickets) and is not accessible by NEN or anyone else and cannot be used in any other manner than to indicate the score in the Probability Fair game.

7.) Use of E-mails to NEN

* On a normal day, I may receive 50 e-mails from users or visitors of the site. E-mail addresses are never sold to third parties. However, contents of e-mails may be used in my "testimonials" section and your first name, last initial, and state and city of residence may be published. Although I may respond to e-mails written by children on a one-time basis, such e-mails will never be posted in testimonials and e-mail address will not be used for promotional purposes. E-mail addresses from children will be deleted after response.

8.) Can Users Communicate with Each Other on NEN sites?

* No. There is no way for users to communicate live on

* On, there is a system where users can message each other (non-real time), but for each individual student, this functionality must be enabled by the teacher or parent. It is disabled by default. Additionally, a comprehensive word and phrase filter prevents students from posting abusive language and alerts me and registering teacher of attempted post.

9.) Earning/Winning Money and Prizes on NEN sites

NEN does not give away money on its website, but periodically may hold contests where teachers or students can win prizes. Prizes can be won for a variety of reasons. Below are important points:

* Users may win prizes for reaching certain levels of "Neurons"

* Users may win prizes for fulfilling some sort of challenge posted on the site or a social network

* Redemption of prizes requires no action and no payment by winner, simply an e-mail confirmation FROM THE PARENT or GUARDIAN that I have permission to send the prize to the given address.

* periodically offers free subscriptions to MrNussbaumPremium for a variety of reasons including but not limited to Teacher Appreciation Day, referring others to my social network pages, adding links to from their personal sites, and others.

* I periodically offer material payment to teachers for contributing content to Such earning opportunities are open to all certified public or private school teachers, retired teachers, or teachers in training.

10.) NEN and Billing Information

* NEN will never see your credit card or bank information. There are two for-purchase items linked to, although there is no option for entering billing information anywhere on itself:

MrNussbaum Premium --- Users must pay through Paypal or my Purchase Order. No recurring orders.

MrNussbaum Apps - Users must pay through iTunes or Google Play

11.) Third-party Material

Third-party material such as other site badges, widgets, or icons may appear on NEN sites.

12.) Parent Rights

Parents have the right to review and request that the NEN delete any Personal Information that has collected and retained about their child. If you would like to request that NEN delete any Personal Information NEN may have about your Child (such as first name and contact information prior to the Site’s one-time use) or if you would to request that no further collection of Personal Information about your Child, please contact

13.) Policy Changes

NEN reserves the right to change this policy at any time. If we make any material changes in the way we use your Personal Information we will update the "Effective Date" above and we will display a notice on the Site. 

14.) Contact

* Via e-mail

47322 Westwood Place Sterling, Virginia, 20165