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1.) George Washington
2. ) John Adams
3.) Thomas Jefferson
4.) James Madison
5.) James Monroe
6.) John Quincy Adams
7.) Andrew Jackson
8.) Martin Van Buren
9.) William Henry Harrison
10.) John Tyler
11.) James K. Polk
12.) Zachary Taylor
13.) Millard Fillmore
14.) Franklin Pierce
15.) James Buchanan
16.) Abraham Lincoln
17.) Andrew Johnson
18.) Ulysses S. Grant
19.) Rutherford B Hayes
20.) James A. Garfield
21.) Chester A. Arthur
22 & 24) Grover Cleveland
23.) Benjamin Harrison
25.) William McKinley
26.) Theodore Roosevelt
27.) William Howard Taft
28.) Woodrow Wilson
29.) Warren G. Harding
30.) Calvin Coolidge
31.) Herbert Hoover
32.) Franklin D. Roosevelt
33.) Harry S. Truman
34.) Dwight D. Eisenhower
35.) John F. Kennedy
36.) Lyndon B. Johnson
37.) Richard Nixon
38.) Gerald R. Ford
39.) Jimmy Carter
40.) Ronald Reagan
41.) George H.W. Bush
42.) Bill Clinton
43.) George W. Bush
44.) Barack Obama

The Presidents

Presidential Coins

Presidents Interactive

This is a click and learn application where students can click on a presidential image and learn the basics about that president’s life, administration, accomplishments, and failures.


Full Presidential Biographies

This section provides full, kid-friendly biographies of all 44 presidents.

Martha Washington

First Ladies

This section (soon) provides full kid-friendly biographies of all of America’s first ladies.

Aaron Burr


This section (soon) provides full kid-friendly biographies on all of America’s vice-presidents.

13 Colonies History

Printable Presidents Activities

This section provides printable activities relevant to America’s presidents. These are fun, thought-provoking, and full of role-play and critical thinking activities


Online Presidents Activities

These are interactive, online activities relevant to America’s 44 presidents.


Presidents Mismatch Game

This is a fun online game where students must rearrange the presidents in their correct orders. The game can be played with 5, 10, 20, or all presidents.


The Constitution

This section includes an interactive constitution among many other constitution-related resources.


Executive Branch

Click here to learn all about the duties of the American President, vice-president, cabinet members, and heads of the departments.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln IN DEPTH

Click here to learn all about Abraham Lincoln. This is one of the most comprehensive units for kids on Abraham Lincoln on the internet.


Presidents on Currency

Click here to learn all about American currency featuring presidents.

White House

The White House

Click here to learn all about the history of the executive mansion, otherwise known as the White House