Mr. Nussbaum Premium FEATURES


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  • create quizzes in multiple choice, true/false, essay, fill-in-the-blank, or combination formats

  • add images or reading texts to quiz questions

  • preview/edit/delete quizzes

  • assign letter grades to quizzes

  • assign whether or not students can take quizzes once or more than once

  • deploy quizzes to students

  • check student scores on quizzes

  • check items students answered correctly and incorrectly

  • view quizzes from other teachers from within the quiz archive

  • use any of thousands of quiz archive quizzes for your own students and classes


  • Teachers can preview and assign one of 120 reading comprehension exercises designed to mimic those found on state-mandated standardized tests. Each reading passage comes with 8-10 multiple choice questions.

  • Teachers can preview and assign one of 500 math drill activities aligned with the Common Core Standards.

  • Teachers can check to see student scores on reading comprehension, math, or geography drills, and can check which items students answered correctly and incorrectly

Spelling Tests

  • Teachers can input spelling words and deploy spelling tests to students. This works well in a computer lab environment where teachers can read the spelling words and students enter them into MrNussbaumPremium. In this way, teachers never have to grade spelling tests again, as they are automatically checked by the system

  • Teachers can check student scores on spelling tests and see which words students spelled correctly and incorrectly .


  • Teachers can preview any of 31 available iPad/Tablet compatible educational games that are available to students

  • Teachers can view the list of the top twenty high scores for any of the games


  • Teachers can form intra-class tournaments based on any of the available 31 games. These tournaments are fully automated. The system randomly matches students up against each other in the game of choice. Students who score higher than their opponents move on to the next round to face another student. Eventually there is a single winner and students can see all participant scores in real-time.

  • Teachers can form intra-class tournaments based on any of the available drill exercises in math or geography. These tournaments are fully automated. The system randomly matches students up against each other in the drill of choice. Students who score higher than their opponents move on to the next round to face another student. Eventually there is a single winner and students can see all participant scores in real-time. For example, a teacher can create a tournament based on reducing fractions to their lowest terms. In drill-based tournaments, teachers assign the amount of time and students answer as many of the problems as possible in the alloted time. Whichever student attains the highest score wins and moves on to the next round to play another victorious student.

  • Teachers can manually set match-ups.

  • Teachers can edit scores for the CURRENT Round. Once the tournament progresses to the next round, scores from previous rounds cannot be edited.

  • Teachers can see scores in real-time.

  • Teachers can opt for whole-class tournaments, or, can select individual students to participate in a tournament.


  • Teachers can monitor and manage the student team app.

  • Students can form their own academic learning team and challenge other teams to tournaments using the drills or games in the same manner as above.

  • Team tournaments are based on the team average score in a game or drill so that teams with different numbers of students can still compete fairly.

  • Individuals in each competing team have the opportunity to become the team MVP for each tournament.


Class Rankings

  • Teachers can view the top ten average scorers for each of the 31 available games

  • MrNussbaum Premium educational games are actually reliable indicators of achievement and skill level in a variety of different math standards.

Recorded Scores

  • This section serves as the teacher gradebook. Teachers can see all students scores on games, quizzes, and spelling tests. Clicking on an individual student score will activate a statistics panel that shows six different statistics related to the particular score (such as average score, student highest score, overall highest score etc.) as well as a chart detailing progress or regression over time.


  • While this section is reserved for students, teachers can monitor the polls that students create to make sure they are appropriate. Teachers can also enable or disable poll creation and participation for each student. Additionally, our comprehensive filters prevent more than 1,000 different words and phrases from being posted on the site and e-mails "rejected" words or phrases to your inbox and ours.


  • Creating classes is the first thing teachers need to do upon accessing their MrNussbaum Premium console. Teachers can create unlimited classes.


  • Once a class or classes have been created, teachers can add students to those classes.

  • Now, teachers can bulk-upload students by simply copying and pasting first and last names (from an excel file for example) and the system generates user names and passwords. Teachers can also register students manually

  • Upon registration, the system assigns an extra student for every ten registered in case new students arrive in the middle of the school year.

  • If you have reached your student limit, the system will prompt you on how to register extra students when you try to add another student. The cost of an additional student is $1.

  • From this panel, teachers can enable or disable student-to-student messaging and polls for each student. Simply click the student of interest and then the "edit student" button.


  • Teachers can upload .doc, .docx., .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx., .pdf, or Appleworks files to their consoles and deploy them to students.

  • Teachers can create a document library

  • Reduce Paper usage!

  • Additionally, teachers can upload documents to student calendars and attach them to a specific day (e.g. a math worksheet assigned for homework on Monday, March 14 can be attached to that day on the calendar for students to directly download it).

Student Documents

  • Students have their own document center in which they can upload and store documents.

  • The student document application allows teachers to monitor and view documents uploaded by students.

  • It is especially useful as a "digital drop box" where students can upload their documents to the document center where their teacher can retrieve them.


  • The messages center on is a place where teachers can communicate messages and announcements to all of their students, a particular class, or, a particular student.

  • Teachers can also enable student-to-student messaging. By default, this functionality is disabled. Teachers must enable this student-by-student if they wish for students to communicate in his manner. This system is great for collaborative team projects.

  • Our comprehensive word and phrase filtering system prevents more than a thousand different words and phrases from being posted in messages, in polls and in any other place where it is possible to post text. In addition, "rejected" words and phrases are e-mailed to registering teachers and our administrators

Message Board

  • The Message board application allows teachers to post a question and for students to post their answers to the questions in a manner where all other students can see them.

Activities Calendar

  • The Activities Calendar application allows teachers to post announcements, short-term and long-term assignments, important dates, birthdays, historical events, holidays, or anything else that would be posted on a calendar. When teachers post events on their calendars, they can deploy them to student calendars, synchronizing their calendars with the calendars in the student accounts.

  • Teachers can also attach assignment sheets, documents, and printouts to dates on their calendars and to student calendars.

  • To encourage students to practice organization and planning, student accounts come installed with two different calendars, the calendar synchronized with their teacher’s calendar, and their own personal calendar.


The bookmarks center is a place where teachers can list important web addresses so that students can easily access them.