News City Pizza – A Fun Cardinal Directions Game

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Age Level Appropriateness
8 – 12
Cardinal Directions
City Grid
Following Directions


Text Instructions:

  • Step 1.)¬†Enter Your Name and click “start.” The object of the games is to make as much money as possible by delivering pizzas in five minutes.
  • Step 2.)¬†Read the address of the pizza order in the bottom left corner after the word ORDER. It will change after every delivered pizza. Notice that your pizza van is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. Your current location is indicated after the word LOCATION.
  • Step 3.)Drive the pizza van to the correct house by using the directional control. You can speed up your van by clicking “speed up.” You do not have to stop to deliver the pizza. As long as you drive by the correct house, you get credit for the delivery. Be careful though! You must follow the rules of the road. If you go through a red light, you will be fined $15.00. Each successful delivery is worth $15.00.