Neurons – Currency


15 Ways to Earn Neurons on | Are You smarter than Mr. Nussbaum?

What is this?

Neurons are the site currency.  Neurons are earned when users register for the Nussbaum Neurons system and answer educational trivia questions correctly.  No personal information other than parent e-mail is required. 

How do you play?

You can play Nussbaum Neurons whether you are registered or not registered, but can only earn Neurons when registered. 

To play, click on the red Neurons alert at the top of every page.  You can turn these alerts off if you wish not to see them.  From here, you can choose to register, or, to play for fun.  You will notice five different questions with potential earnings from 1 to 5 Neurons, with those worth one Neuron being the least difficult, and those worth 5 Neurons being the most difficult.  Users can choose to try to answer any of these questions.  If correct, the user will earn Neurons. If incorrect, the user will lose Neurons (which are subtracted).

Every five minutes, the set of five of questions changes, enabling users to constantly earn neurons. 

What can you earn?

As you accumulate Neurons, you can redeem them for prizes.  Below is a sample of prizes we are offering. As we acquire more partners, we will post new prizes.


Download code for free MrNussbaum GAME app on iTunes 100 neurons
Free one-year subscription to MrNussbaum Premium (family account) 200 neurons
$10 iTunes gift card 500 neurons
$10 Gamestop gift card 500 neurons
$25 iTunes gift card 900 neurons
$25 Gamestop gift card 900 neurons
Kurio 7 Tablet ($199 value) 4,000 neurons