Neurons Activities

What do I have to do to earn 100 Neurons for the WEEK of 3/18 – 3/24?

Take a screenshot (of the score screen unless otherwise specified) of the following and e-mail it to me –

How do I take a screenshot? Press Command + Shift + 4 (Apple) and the image will be saved on your desktop, or, press Print Screen key (PC) which copies your screen and paste in a document such as Word.

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For 100 or more Neurons  
1.) A completed USA collage from Collage America  
2.) Score MORE than 20 on Word Scramble  
3.) Score MORE than $42 on Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop  
4.) Score MORE than $118 on Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop  
5.) Win Animal Idol (200 Neurons)  
6.) Score 18 on Conquer the States (scoring 19 will earn you 150 neurons)  
7.) Earn all 50 Friends on Best Math Friends (e-mail certificate)  
8.) Answer 15 multiplication problems in 16 seconds or less on Speed Math  
9.) Show me your completed Horrendous Soup Recipe  
10.) Save the Royal Family in Order Ops  
For 50 Neurons  
1.) Send me your Personalized Insect with Description  
2.) Collect a Butterfly Certificate from Mathepillar  
3.) Score $75-$118 on Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop  
4.) Win a Sting Ray Certificate from Sand Dollar Exchange  
5.) Win a Gold Medal in Trimathlon