Native American Profiles, Tribes, Histories, Symbolism, and Activities for Kids


This section offers extensive information on ten Native American tribes: Sioux, Iroquois, Cherokee, Pueblo, Navajo, Wampanoag, Pequot, Lenni Lenape, Powhatan, and Inuit. Each section contains extensive information about the history, diet, culture, homes, and range of each tribe. Videos are included in many cases.




This section features numerous interactive activities for kids in grades 4 and up including raeding comprehension exercises, cloze reading contextual vocabulary exercises, Containers classification exercises, word searches, sentence surgeons, interactive scavenger hunts and much more.





This section features an interactive map detailing the major wars between Native Peoples and the U.S. Government. Learn all about wars that shaped the nation including the Dakota Wars, Creek Wars, Seminole Wars and others.


Learn all about six fascinating Native American dwellings including the tepee, igloo, plankhouse, longhouse, wigwam, and cliff dwellings. This section comes with many videos as well




This section contains six extensive biographies on prominent Native Americans including Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Sequoyah, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, and Tecumseh.





Make your own totem pole using any of twenty different nature symbols. Print out your totem pole and learn about the meaning of each of your totem pole’s symbols.



This activity can be used directly off of your iPad browser





This section includes online OR printable scavenger hunts focusing on the different tribes covered on this site. These function as reading passages with ten fill-in-the-blank questions that require students to embark on fact-finding missions through the page. Reading passages are included within the online or printable scavenger hunt itself.