MrNussbaum Premium – Student Engagement and are predicated on the idea that effective and meaningful student engagement is an essential facet of mental development and motivation in young learners.

There are a lot of subscription sites that are great at keeping records, assessing progress and skill level, and collecting data, but how many of these sites to students actually like? How many of these sites motivate students ON THEIR OWN to come back? Of the sites that do motivate students, how expensive are they – $1,500 per year/per school? $1,000?

MrNussbaum Premium ENGAGES and EMPOWERS kids in the following ways:

1.) By using educational games that target specific skills as vehicles for learning and reinforcement
2.) By giving students the same score recording tools, feedback mechanisms, and progress charts as teachers, enabling them to set goals, compare scores to others, and gain motivation to score higher every time they play.
3.) By allowing students to compete against each other in game or drill-based tournaments created by their teachers, or, to form their own tournaments and invite classmates of their choice.
4.) By allowing students to more their own competitive learning teams with the ability to challenge other learning teams in tournaments based on any of the games or drills.
5.) By allowing students to create polls and surveys to send to their classmates and to see real-time results
6.) By allowing students to upload important documents into their own document libraries.
7.) By allowing students to organize important dates, assignments, and events on their own private student calendar.
8.) By providing a motivational high scores board where students can see the top ten average scorers in their class on each game.
8.) By rewarding students by issuing them “world flags” for every five games they play on MrNussbaumPremium. These world flags are kept in each student’s world flag portfolio and the idea is to collect all 175 available flags.
9.) By allowing students to trade “world flags” with their classmates online. Merging the idea of learning and reinforcement with collecting and trading is highly motivational. Kids will work for hours upon hours to acquire more world flags. The system also issues “doubles” and “triples” of flags so that kids have flags to trade.