Maxine – A Unicorn Math Game

Maxine is a beautifully illustrated game in which kids play the role of a unicorn that must use its basic addition and subtraction skills to catch falling hearts with its horn. Students can choose to include a villanous mosquito to make it more challenging!

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Age Appropriateness


Maxine is appropriate for kids ages 4 – 8

You are a happy math unicorn trying to make it through the sunset sky to the unicorn kingdom. Catch the falling hearts in your unicorn horn that have the correct answer to the math problem. Watch out for pesky mosquitoes that take your hearts away and make you catch even more hearts! Make sure you don’t catch the wrong hearts. You only have three lives. Hold down the click button on your mouse or fingerpad to move Maxine.


Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Round Completion Grade Level Equivalency (+ , and -)
1 1.4
2 1.7
3 2.0
4 2.3 (mastery)


Skills Reinforced:

Basic Addition
Basic Subtraction
Addition to 20
Subtraction to 20



Students who finish Maxine can print out a certificate similar to the example below: