Mathemorphosis – An Adding and Subtracting game for Kindergarten

Mathemorphosis is a great game that reinforces basic addition and subtraction to or from ten with a caterpillar to butterfly theme. Kids will love watching as their budding math skills help to transform their caterpillar to one of four kinds of butterflies.

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Age Appropriateness


Mathemorphosis is perfect for kids ages 5 – 7, Grade Levels: K – 2.2 (apx.)

Use your addition or subtraction skills to help the caterpillar "mathemorphosize" to a beautiful butterfly. Each time you answer a math problem correctly, your caterpillar will chew up a leaf and get larger. If you keep answering questions correctly, your butterfly will form a cocoon (chrysalis) around itself until it bursts out as one of four different kinds of butterflies.

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Score (per operation) Grade Level Equivalency
12-13 0.9
14-15 1.2
16-17 1.5
18-19 1.8
20 + (mastery) 2.1


Skills Reinforced:

Adding to 12
Subtracting from 12
Quick math facts


Below is an example of a certificate a student can earn for getting all of the problems correct