Map Scale – Learn to Calculate Map Scale with this Fun Game!



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Age Appropriateness


Maps Cale is appropriate for kids ages 9 and up

Skills Reinforced:

  • Calculating Distance
  • Map Scale
  • Multi-digit Multiplication
  • Estimation in Multiplication
  • Metric System



Estimate the distances between the two cities that appear on the map using the ruler (which is positioned at the same angle of the two cities). You have 2,000 kilometers of error to work with. Estimate as many distances as possible before using up your 2,000 kilometers. For example, if you were to estimate the distance between New York and Los Angeles at 4,000 kilometers and the actual distance was 5,000 kilometers, you would score a point, but be left with only 1,000 kilometers of error to work with. The game ends when you reach zero.