There are three characteristics of Mammals: 1.) They have hair 2.) Mothers feed their young with milk produced from their bodies. 3.) They are warm-blooded, which means they can regulate their body temperature.

Examples of mammals include Coyote, Bison, Wolverine and Mountain Lion. Many mammals, such as the Dolphin and Whale live in the water. There are about 5,000 species of mammals.

There are three types of mammals: Monotremes, which are primitive egg-laying mammals, Marsupials, which carry young in pouches, and Placental Mammals, which are typical mammals.

Mammals can be Herbivores (plant-eaters) Carnivores, (meat-eaters), Omnivores (plant and meat eaters) or Insectivores (insect-eaters).

The largest mammal is the Blue Whale (100 feet long) and the smallest is the Gypsy Shrew (2 grams in weight).

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