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Scroll over the cricket parts to learn about their functions


Crickets Home

This is the main index page for the crickets section.

Cricket Anatomy

Cricket Anatomy

Learn about the location and function of the many different parts of a cricket.

Cricket Life Cycle

Cricket Life Cycle

This click-to-animate activity illustrated the three main stages of the cricket life cycle.

Cricket Chirping

Cricket Chirping (Stirdulation)

What does a cricket sound like? Click above to hear a cricket’s enchanting chirping.

Cricket Cage

Cricket Cage Maintenance

This animation will show you exactly how to construct and maintain your cricket cage.

Reading Comprehension

Crickets Online Reading Comprehension

This is an interactive, online reading passage with five multiple choice questions. Immediate feedback is given and students can print out achievement certificates.

Printable Reading

Crickets Printable Reading Comprehension

This is a printable version of the online reading comprehension exercise.

Cloze Reading

Crickets Cloze Reading

This is an interactive cloze reading exercises. Students must use the words from the word bank to complete the cricket-themed passage. Immediate feedback is given.


Crickets Paralaugh

This is an online "mad-lib" where students must use nouns, verbs, and adjectives, to create a hilarious cricket-themed story.

Cricket Parts

Cricket Part QUIZ

How well do you know your cricket parts? Try my online cricket part quiz.

Cricket Part Functions

Cricket Functions Quiz

Do you know the functions of the different cricket parts? Take my online quiz to find out.

Word Search

Crickets Word Search

Find as many cricket-themed words as possible in this challenging, online word search.


Crickets Jigsaw

This is a fun, customizable online cricket jigsaw puzzle perfect for any age.