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Insect Generator

This innovative program allows users to combine parts of different insects to create and describe your own unique insect!



Try to identify all 20 different kinds of insects in the neighborhood with your magic magnifying glass before it gets dark. Print out a certificate showing all of the insects you identified.



Use your addition or subtraction skills to help the caterpillar "mathemorphosize" to a beautiful butterfly. Each time you answer a math problem correctly, your caterpillar will chew up a leaf and get larger. If you keep answering questions correctly, your butterfly will form a cocoon (chrysalis) around itself until it bursts out as one of four different kinds of butterflies.

Virtual Butterfly Garden

Virtual Butterfly Garden Game

This fun game allows students to create nine of their own butterflies, release them in one of five habitats, and catch them with specialized butterfly nets (challenging!)



Mathepillar is an outrageously fun game in which players have to order falling numbers on a number line by positioning their caterpillar in the correct place to catch the numbers. There are four stages to the game, and each stage presents a slightly more complicated number line or pattern.


Firefly Nights

Firefly Nights in a mesmorizing game that requires students to build and identify the flash pattern of their personal fireflies, among an ever-increasing number of flashing fireflies.


Insects Coloring Pages and Dot-to-Dots

Included are 28 beautiful and realistic coloring pages featuring insects. 14 are coloring sheets and 14 are dot-to-dots. Insects included are: Cicada, Firefly, Ladybug, House Cricket, Praying Mantis, Monarch and Swallowtail Butterflies and many others. The renderings are very realistic and will serve as amazing supplements to kindergarten, first, or second grade units on insects, or, on counting or ordering numbers.

Reading Comprehension

Online Reading Comprehension

These are interactive, online reading passage with five multiple choice questions. Immediate feedback is given and students can print out achievement certificates. Perfect for grades 2-4

Crickets | Butterflies

Printable Reading

Printable Reading Comprehension

These are printable versions of the online reading comprehension exercise.

Crickets | Butterflies

Cloze Reading

Crickets Cloze Reading

These are interactive cloze reading exercises. Students must use the words from the word bank to complete the insect-themed passage. Immediate feedback is given.

Butterflies | Insects | Insects (harder)


Crickets Paralaugh

This is an online "mad-lib" where students must use nouns, verbs, and adjectives, to create a hilarious cricket-themed story.

Cricket Parts

Cricket Part QUIZ

How well do you know your cricket parts? Try my online cricket part quiz.

Cricket Part Functions

Cricket Functions Quiz

Do you know the functions of the different cricket parts? Take my online quiz to find out.

Word Search

Online Word Search

Find as many insect-themed words as possible in these challenging, online word search.

Insects | Butterflies | Crickets


Online Jigsaw

These are fun, customizable online jigsaw puzzles perfect for any age.

Butterflies | Crickets


Interactive Scavenger Hunts

Interactive Scavenger Hunts allow students to hunt for answers from online animated books from a single page. Immediate feedback is given. Great for reading comprehension.

Butterfly Interactive Scavenger Hunt | Crickets Interactive Scavenger Hunt


ABC Order Exercises

These interactive activities require students to drag and drop the insect-themed words to their correct places in ABC Order. Immediate feedback is given.

Insects | Butterflies