Insect Generator

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Age Level Appropriateness
6 – 10
Insect Anatomy and Parts
Habitat, Range, and Adpatations

Neurons Opportunity

Send me a screen shot of your insect made from insect generator and I’ll add 50 Neurons to your account and add your insect to the Insect Hall-of-Fame


Text Instructions


  • Step 1: Click on the body part you wish to add (head, thorax, abdomen, or wings) and then on the insect of choice. Repeat the process for all parts. For example, click on “head” and then bee, “thorax” and then ant, “abdomen” and then dragonfly, and “wings” followed by monarch butterfly.
  • Step 2: Click “add information about your insect”. Fill in the fields about your insect’s name, diet, habitat, and adaptations.
  • Step 3: Click “print” to enjoy your new insect.