Pequot War – the Battle for Connecticut

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Shortly after an epidemic that killed most of the Pequot tribe, English colonization of the Pequot lands moved at a frantic pace and eventually resulted in small-scale conflicts and attacks (coordinated by both the Indians and the English settlers at Fort Saybrook) that escalated into the Pequot War. As other local tribes such as the Naragansett and Mohegan made alliances with the English, the Pequots lashed out. Pequot warriors, who had previously attacked a group of Mattabesic Indians who had tried to trade with colonists, had begun killing English settlers who ventured outside of their stronghold at Fort Saybrook. Connecticut colonial leaders, together with their Naragansett allies, soon devised a strategy to combat the Pequots and massacred the largest Pequot Village at Misistuck, burning it to the ground and killing almost 700 Pequots, most of whom were women and children. The grizzly scene became known throughout history as the Massacre at Mystic. 180 Pequot warriors were subsequently killed when they were found hiding in a swamp near Fairfield. Many were captured and sold as slaves. The Pequots never recovered from the war and were virtually annihilated.

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