Going Green – Activities, Worksheets, Printable Books and More!


Global Warming/Climate Change Resources

Global Warming Fact sheet (.pdf)

This printable defines global warming and explains how and why it occurs.

Global Warming Practice

This printable Crossword Puzzle offers students a fun way to test their knowledge of global warming

Climate Change E-Book

This E-book details the causes and effects of global warming and explains how it may harm animals, environments, and people.

Climate Change Word Scramble

Print out this activity and unscramble the climate change relate words.

Endangered Animals and Food Chains

What you can do to help Endangered Animals E-book

This awesome e-book describes the reasons why many animals become endangered and describes ways in which YOU can help!

Food Chains E-book

This e-book describes the fundamentals of common food chains and features vivid pictures and diagrams.

Food Chains Printable Activities


  1. Food Chains Word Scramble
  2. Food Chains Word Search
  3. Omnivores Word Puzzle


Green Living

You can Go Green E-Book

This e-book describes how easy it is for you to help protect our fragile world by “Going Green.”

Green Living Printable Activities


  1. Light Bulb Coloring Sheet
  2. Go Green with Biking Coloring Sheet
  3. Go Green with Gardening Coloring Sheet
  4. Recycling Word Search
  5. Recyclable Items Word Search
  6. Recycle Bin Maze


Save the Earth- RECYCLE (the game)

Do you know what is recyclable and what is not? Help the residents of Starkville to recycle as many recyclable items as possible in 3 minutes.

Habitats and Biomes

World Biomes

Learn all about the biomes of the world with my interactive world biomes map.

Amazon Rainforest

Learn all the Amazon Rainforest using my online, interactive exhibit. This section has tons of online activities.

Habitat Maker

Make, animate, and print your own habitats. Choose from desert, rainforest, mountain, or savanna.

Animal Idol

How well do you know your animals and habitats? You have to know them very well to progress to later rounds of Animal Idol!