Food Fight – An Addition Estimation Game for Kids



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Age Appropriateness


Food Fight is appropriate for kids ages 9 – 12.

Skills Reinforced:

  • Mental Math
  • Estimating Products
  • Two-digit Addition with and Without Regrouping



Are you up for the Competitive Inter-School Food Fighting Championship? Your job is to lead your team of five to victory over four other schools by using your keen addition estimation skills. As you battle each school, you will notice ten addition equations. Drag and drop five equations to your teammates t-shirts that you think result in the highest sums. The five equations left over will automatically be assigned to the t-shirts of your opponents. If the total sum of the five equations on your teammates’ t-shirts is higher than the total sum of your opponents’ equations, you win and move on to face the next school.

Be careful, equations get more difficult as you win.