Firefly Nights Lesson Plan

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Grade level:



In this lesson, students will demonstrate ability to generate patterns.

Common Core Standards:

This lesson reinforces standard CCSS.Math.Content.4.OA.C.5 for grade 4.
Descriptions of the standards can be found here.

Warm-Up Activity: Continuing Patterns

Teacher projects a few images of objects arranged in patterns and asks students to guess what comes next in the pattern.  Teacher explains that not all patterns are visual; some can only be heard.  In fact, all rhythms are patterns.  In this video, Mansour speaks the rhythms/patterns, in addition to playing them on the tabla.

Once the idea of repeating patterns is clear, students sit in a circle, and teacher leads students in chanting repeating patterns of words or syllables, perhaps with accompanying gestures.

Marshmallow, buffalo, bungalow, go!  Marshmallow, buffalo, bungalow, go!
Icky, sticky, slimy, grimy, icky, sticky, slimy, grimy
The whole class recites the pattern together a few times, and then Teacher calls on a student to begin the pattern.  That student chants the first word in the pattern, the second student chants the second word, and so on for the rest of the class.  After a few teacher-led patterns, students can make up their own pattern chants.

Main Activity:

Students should watch the instructional video for Firefly Nights before playing on classroom computers or iPads.

Assessment Activity: Non-numeric patterns

Have students complete the attached letter pattern worksheet.

Links and Downloads

Firefly Nights Video:
Letter Pattern Worksheet: /firefly-nights-printable-worksheet/