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Games by Subject

Math Games Icon

All Games features 167 original, challenging, and exciting educational games for kids ages 4 – 14 that allow students to learn and practice topics through role-play, problem solving, critical thinking, calculation, and trial and error. Click "all games" to view the full alphabetized list of my games.


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Math Games features 87 original math games covering virtually any elementary and early middle school math topics. My math games are specially designed role-playing games that are both challenging and fun. Games pages include numerous connected activities, printables, and instructional videos.



Language Arts Games features 34 original language arts games covering numerous literacy skills for elementary and middle school students. These role-designing games are specifically developed to be challenging yet fun. Games pages include instructional videos for how to play each game.

Social Studies Games

Social Studies Games

The Mr. Nussbaum social studies game collection features 27 of the web’s most innovative games, reinforcing world and United States geography, history, landforms, latitude and longitude, directions, and much more.


Science Games

The science game collection features 19 action-packed science games that use role-play and adventure to reinforce elementary and middle school science topics such as outer space, insects, the human body, periodic table, northern lights, and much more.

Games Categorized by Grade Level
Kindergarten and Pre-K Games

Kindergarten and Pre-K Games

This section features 18 educational games specifically designed for kids ages five and under. Here, students can play the role of a heart-catching unicorn, a sea horse that blows underwater bubbles in the wrong order, or a bus driver desperate to make sure his riders get in the right seats! They can piece together the colorful "abc-a-pillar" or make their own insects among many other things.

First Grade Learning Games

First Grade Games

The first grade game section features 40 awesome games specifically for kids ages six and seven. Here, students can use their math skills to race cars, build their own dinosaur or virtual butterfly garden, or, play in a simulated Olympics where their addition and subtraction skills can propel them to gold! There are many other great role-playing games and activities as well.

Second Grade LEarning Games

Second Grade Games

This section features 77 games specifically for seven and eight year-old students. Students can be calendar clowns, arm wrestling soft-pretzels with math skills, genius boxers, or totem pole builders among so many other things.

Third Grade LEarning Games

Third Grade Games

This section features 81 games specifically for eight and nine year-old students. Here, students can compete for their county or state in the Great American Multiplication Challenge. They can also ski their way to math domination, become Lord Voldemath, emcee the Factor Family Reunion, or create hilarious stories in Deluxe Paralaughs, among many other things.

Fourth Grade LEarning Games

Fourth Grade Learning Games

This section features 87 games specifically for nine and ten year-old students. Here, students can play golf on the challenging greens at Estimation Valley, create the ultimate teachers lounge for their teachers, play a grumpy lunch lady trying to calculate lunch prices before the next class comes rushing in, and much, much more!

Fifth Grade LEarning Games

Fifth Grade Games

This section features 104 educational games for your fifth graders. In this section, students can defeat Sir Francis Place Value and his horrid band of Place Value Pirates, join the semicolons in an effort to take control of Punctuation Island from the dreaded colons, or, buy up all of the most important world landmarks in their native currencies in Burnside’s Billions.

Middle School Math Games

Sixth Grade Games

This section contains 93 games perfect for sixth and seventh graders. Here, students can practice ordering decimals, fractions, and percentages in Lunch Line, practice solving equations by finding mythical creatures in Whimsical Windows, or, play my awesome RPG – the Lost Lunchbox. See below for more details.

Middle School Math Games

Middle School Math Games

This section contains 23 math games specifically selected for seventh and grade students. These games cover skills such as order of operations, positive and negative numbers, proportions, solving equations, and more.


Games in Spanish or Arabic

Games Translated into Spanish

Spanish Games

This section contains 15 of the most popular games translated completely into Spanish.

Games Translated into Arabic

Arabic Games

This section contains nine of the most popular games translated completely into Arabic.

Games Translated into Arabic

French Games

This section contains three of the most popular games translated completely into French.


Games by Genre

Halloween Games

Halloween Games

The Halloween games section on features dozens of "scary" games such as Computation Castle, Death to Decimals, Homophones on Halloween, and many others to make late October both scary and educational/

NFL Educational Games

NFL Games (National Football League)

Are you ready for Football season? If so, is the best place that combines the excitement of Sunday with actual learning and reinforcement for elementary and middle school students. Learn the locations of NFL cities by playing NFL Helmets, print out simulated matchups where math determines the winning team in NFL Matchup Maker, or, try my other selections such as Tackle Math Ball, Paper Football, or NFL Switcheroo.

Sports Games

Sports Games

This highly motivating section of includes more than a dozen sports-themed games to promote learning and reinforcement. Students can shoot free-throws, jumpers, and three-pointers in Half-court Rounding, hit monstrous home runs while estimating solutions to large math problems in Home Run Derby Math, and participate in a March Madness as the college team of their choice in Sweet 16 Word Madness. Much more as well!

The Lost Lunchbox

The Lost Lunchbox RPG

The Lost Lunchbox is the one of internet’s first educational role-playing games (RPG) designed specifically for children in grades 3 –8. Conceived by Greg Nussbaum, creator of, and designed by the team at, The Lost Lunchbox is an unforgettable and exciting experience for students that incorporates critical thinking skills in multiple disciplines, problem solving, and a healthy dose of adventure and curiosity. The Lost Lunchbox is an outstanding, educational alternative to traditional video games that glamorize violence and promote mental stagnation.

Recess Arcade

The Recess Arcade

This fun section allows students to take a break and try any of five reflex games or puzzles. Some of these are addictive!