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Welcome to the Fractions Games Library. These games provide fun interactive practice on many addition skills covered in the Common Core Standards. Some of these games also reinforce subtraction.

Featured Game: Decimals of the Caribbean

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Cash Out | This game is compatible with iPads and Tablets

Cash Out is an exciting game that teaches kids how to make change. Make a successful sale when you give the correct change to your customers. Several skill levels and setting choices are available. Make as many sales as possible in three minutes!

Lunch Lady | Play on your iPad or Tablet

Lunch Lady is a popular game that reinforces addition of decimals (in change format). Play the role of a grumpy old lunch lady and carefully caculate the lunch price for each of the ten students in line.

Half-court Rounding | Play on your iPad or Tablet

Use your rounding skills to hit free throws, jump shots, and three-pointers. Score as many points as you can in 90 minutes. To hit three-pointers, you must how proficiency in rounding decimals to the nearest tenth.

Place Value Pirates (with Decimals) | Play on your iPad or Tablet

Destroy Sir Francis Place Value and horrid band of Place Value Pirates by clicking on the pirate who’s number matches the message at the top of the screen. It takes a few rounds to get to the decinals. Place Value Pirates is currently our most popular game.

Decimals of the Caribbean

Find the text version of the decimal number at the top of the screen and blast the treasure ship with the matching decimal number with your decimal cannon. In this very popular game, you can earn codes to take you to different levels.

Hotel Decimalfornia

Earn as much money as possible by escorting your owl clients to their correct hotel rooms. The problem is, the only way to figure out what room each owl is in, is to correctly calculate the decimal addition problem that appears (at the top of the screen). Also, these rooms are numbered by decimals (e.g. 22.3, 22.4, 22.5 etc)!

Death to Decimals | Play on iPad or Tablet

Users play the role of “Fraction Man,” a math super hero who must save the world from being overrun by decimals by converting them into friendly fractions.

Horrendous Soup

Make the most disgusting soup you can ever imagine by using your decimals and metric conversion skills to successfully print out the recipe.


As a "waiter advocate" at the MrNussbaum Family Restaurant, it is your job to ensure the waiters are tipped properly for their service. Use your shrewd decimals and percentages skills and earn a little money for yourself on the side.