Death to Decimals Lesson Plan

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Grade Level:



The Death to Decimals game will help students practice decimal place value and fraction skills. Students will be able to correctly identify decimal place values as they relate to their fractional equivalents.

Common Core Standards:



Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100. For example, rewrite 0.62 as 62/100; describe a length as 0.62 meters; locate 0.62 on a number line diagram


Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths.


Warm-Up Activity:

Have students practice converting decimals to fractions or fractions to decimals by visiting the following pages. The interactive problems can be worked as a whole group either on an interactive white board or via a projector as a way to review problem-solving skills. (converting fractions to decimals)  (converting decimals to fractions)

Main Activity:

Now that you have warmed up with one or more interactive problem solving drills with your class you are now ready to play the “Death to Decimals” math game. First, view the instructional video at . This game could be played as a whole group using an interactive white board or utilizing a projector. Or, this game could be played in a computer lab setting where each student has their own individual computer to play “Death to Decimals”. This game is available for iPad as well.


Print and distribute the attached Death to Decimals fun assessment