Computation Castle – A Multiple Math Skills Game

Computation Castle is a fun game that requires students to use their fractions, measurement, place value, and exponents skills to reverse a spell placed that caused the royal family to be turned into various animals.



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Age Appropriateness


  • Step 1.) Computation Castle is a game that requires the utilization of several math skills: mixed numbers/improper fractions, equivalent fractions, metric conversions, exponents, rounding to the nearest thousands and thousandths and place value.
  • Step 2.) Read the storyline. The object of the game is to reverse the spells placed upon the royal family of Computation Castle by the evil witch. All five family members have been turned into various animals. Their only hope is you. Use your math skills to mix and create the correct potions to turn them back to their human forms.
  • Step 3.) If this is your first time playing, begin trying to transform the frog (Sir Fractonio) back into his human form. If you have played before, and have obtained a password to begin at a higher level, click on the animal at your level and enter the correct password

Computation Castle perfect for kids ages 10 and up


Skills Reinforced

Mental Math
Place Value
Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
Metric Conversions