Collage America!

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Age Level Appropriateness
6 – 12
United States Geography
State location and Identification
State Symbolism
United States Landmarks

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Text Instructions:

Collage America! is an artistic game where students can build the United States by dragging and dropping states to their correct places on the map. Students can drag examples of three of each state to the map, with each example representing that state in the form of a famous landmark, landform, theme, place of interest, or product that state is known for. The result is a dazzling and unique collage map of the United States that can be printed out and saved to the computer.

Teachers and Parents – Save the maps to your computer and send them to me! I will post them on the Collage America! page on Simply include first name and city and state of residence.

Collage America! was inspired by a project I used to do with my 6th Grade Social Studies class.