Cloze Reading

Cloze Reading for the MrNussbaum XTEND System

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  • Appropriate for grades 2-7
  • 100 + exercises integrated with science and social studies
  • Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, and place in class
  • Includes Word Bank functionality so that students can see every word they they use correctly and every one used incorrectly. Teachers can see percentage of class that uses each word correctly/incorrectly.

Teacher Deployment Screen

Here, can deploy cloze reading exercises or multiple cloze reading exercises to individual students or groups of students by dragging them to the deploy space. Note how exercises are arranged by estimated grade level appropriateness.


Exercise Preview

When exercises are dragged into the deploy space, a window appears so that teachers can preview the exercise to be deployed.


Here, teachers can view student results on any or all cloze reading exercises. The system keeps track of the number of times the exercise was completed, the time spent, high score, and average score. Teachers can also graph student progress . Teachers can also click on the "Details" link to find out which words students answered incorrectly, and the percentage of students from the same class who answered each question correctly.

Teachers can switch gradebook view to include individual students, or, to include all scores on a particular activity. In the individual student view, teachers can also see how a student score ranks in comparison to the class on a cloze reading exercise

Student View

When you deploy a cloze reading exercise to students, this is what they see. Here, two exercises have been deployed. When a student clicks on one, he or she can start the exercise as seen below.

Cloze Reading

Word Bank

The Word Bank is a neat feature that allows students to "collect" as many vocabulary words as possible. When a word is used correctly the first time in a cloze reading exercise, it is labeled as such in the word bank. Words that were not used correctly the first time or also labeled.