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This page describes the division of Virginia during the Civil War.


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West Virginia Flag

Emancipation Proclamation


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West Virginia Interactive Map and Information Page – This page features a clickable, interactive map that teaches all about the landmarks of West Virginia. It also features many intearctive and printable west Virginia activities.
West Virginia Printable Outline Map – Print out a blank outline map of West Virginia and surrounding states.
West Virginia Printable Flag Outline– Print out and color the West Virginia state flag.

The Division of Virginia


West Virginia, originally called “Kanawha” was created after the state of Virginia seceded from the United States in 1861. Citizens in the western portion of Virginia opposed secession and subsequently formed their own government called the “Loyal Government of Virginia” which gave legitimacy to the formation of one state within another. President Lincoln approved the formation in 1862 and West Virginia officially became a state June 20, 1863.