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Civil War

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Civil War: Challenge and Discovery
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Gettysburg in Depth
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Union and Confederacy
Women in the Civil War
African Americans in the Civil War
Death in the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln: IN DEPTH
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Civil War

Civil War Reading Comprehension Online

These are reading comprehension passages designed for students in grades 5 and up. Students read the passage and then answer the multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks questions. System gives immediate feedback. There are five exercise options for Lewis and Clark. See below:

Civil War (General for Grade 3)
Civil War (General for Grade 5)
Harriet Tubman (Grade 3)
Harriet Tubman (Grade 4)
The following are for grade 5 +
Abraham Lincoln’s Childhood
Abraham Lincoln’s Middle Years (page 1)
Abraham Lincoln’s Middle Years (page 2)
Abraham Lincoln’s Middle Years (page 3)
Abraham Lincoln as President (page 1)
Abraham Lincoln as President (page 2)
Abraham Lincoln as President (page 3
Abraham Lincoln as President (page 4)
Emancipation Proclamation


Civil War: Challenge and Discovery

This fun, informative game and traching tool will test your knowledge of Civil War state and battles geography, famous people, advantages in war, and much more.


Civil War Cloze Reading

In this exercise, students must fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank online. Immediate feedback is given.


Civil War Word Search

How many Civil War-themed words can you find in ten minutes? Words can be forward, backwards, vertical, or diagonal. Can you find them all? Very challenging


Civil War Jigsaw

Can you piece together the Civil War stamp? If so, how quickly can you complete it? Customize the puzzle by choosing the number of pieces or even the shapes of the pieces.


Civil War Containers

This is a classification exercise that requires students to drag and drop the states to the Union, Confederate, or Border states container.


Civil War Paralaugh

This is a fun Civil War-themed activity similar to an online mad lib!


Civil War Sentence Surgeons

Thiis exercise requires students to fix a paragraph about the Civil War with bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Civil War Draggable Timeline

This is a simple timeline exercise that requires students to drag and drop the events in the order they occur. No need for dates. NOTE: All events need to be at least touching the gray space to be counted.


Civil War Paragraphs Paramedics

These fun and challenging exercises require students to read through a mini-essay, spot the spelling or usage errors, and fix them.

Emancipation Proclamation | Abe Lincoln