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The Civil War section is one of the most comprehensive on the entire internet for kids. Learn about causes and effects, battles, people of the war, Union and Confederacy, or, access any of my hundreds of online or printable activities and games related to the war!


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Civil War

Causes and Effects
Civil War Interactive
Civil War: Challenge and Discovery
Civil War Battles
Gettysburg in Depth
People of the Civil War
Union and Confederacy
Women in the Civil War
African Americans in the Civil War
Death in the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln: IN DEPTH
Civil War Online Activities
Civil War Printable Activities
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Civil War



Battle of Gettysburg Postage Stamp

Gettysburg Centennial Postage Stamp

Causes and Effects

This section provides links to detailed descriptions of the major causes and effects of the war. Many of these pages also feature online or printable activities.


Battles of the Civil War

This section provides links to detailed account of more than 20 of the most important battles of the war such as Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Antietam and many others. Many of these pages also contain online and printable activities.


People of the Civil War

The section provides links to detailed biographies of 24 of the most important people involved in the Civil War such as Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and Ulysses S. Grant. It also includes biographies of lesser known figures such as Belle Boyd, Joseph Johnston, Salmon P. Chase and many more.


Civil War Challenge & Discovery

This section provides a game-like application where students can test their knowledge and learn about four essential knowledge points of the Civil War: State allegiance, the leaders of each side, the battles won by each side, and the advantages enjoyed by each side.


Civil War Interactive

This section provides a clickable map of the United States where kids can learn about important battles, places, and landmarks of the Civil War.


Union and Confederacy

This section details the situations throughout in the war in both the Union and Confederacy; their reasons for fighting, and how the war affected each side.


Women in the Civil War

This page describes the roles of women in the Civil War. It includes a great video and six biographies.


African-Americans in the Civil War

This page describes the various roles that African-Americans played in the Civil War.


Death in the Civil War

This section describes the how the many forms of death in the Civil War, gruesome statistics, and how the deaths of so many citizens impacted the North and South. Includes an awesome (but graphic) video.


Abraham Lincoln: In Depth

This section (which is nearly as big as the Civil War section) provides a comprehensive account of the life of Abraham Lincoln with numerous activities, related events, biographies, and more.

American Revolution Activities

Online Activities

This page provides links to dozens of online activities such as reading comprehension activities, cloze reading, word searches, jigsaws, and many others.

American Revolution Printable Activities

Printable Activities

Here, teachers can find over forty printable activities related to the Civil War, perfect for interactive notebooks, or, for critical thinking about the War. THESE ARE FREE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IN GETTING KIDS TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

American Revolution Map

Make your Own Civil War Maps!

Here you create your own Civil War battles or places map and add color, text, labels, and a map key. This program can also be used to make such maps of nations, states, continents, and regions.