Cash Out

Cash Out is outstanding way for students to practice making change in a real-world type setting

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Interactive Skill-builders

Picture-based Math

Making change from $1.00 Cash Out Level 1 (change from a dollar)
Fruit Stand Cash Out Level 2 (change from up to $20.00)
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Printable, Fun Worksheets for This Game

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Coin Search
Human Change Machine
Practice Using All Four Coins
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Age Appropriateness

Cash Out is appropriate for kids ages 7 – 12. There are three skill levels and various options to customize the game for the aforementioned ages.

Skills Reinforced:

  • Making change from a dollar
  • Recognizing coins and coin values
  • Recognizing currency
  • Mental Math
  • Making change from larger dollar amounts
  • Subtracting decimals
  • Adding decimals



Students earn different levels of certificates depending on their achievement in the game

Score Certificate
1-5 $1.00 certificate
6-10 $5.00 certificate
11-15 $10.00 certificate
16-20 $20.00 certificate
21-25 $50.00 certificate
26-30 $100 certificate
31-35 $500 certificate
36 + $1,000 certificate