Cash Out Lesson Plan


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Cash Out



Grade Level:



Cash Out will help students understand correct decimal placement, when making change “Cashing Out” throughout this interactive game. Students will be able to demonstrate adding and subtracting decimals, through the use of word problems. Students will also be able to correctly identify decimal amounts in the hundredths place.

Common Core Standards:

4.NBT.4 – Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole number using the standard algorithm
4.OA.3 – Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.
5.NBT.7 – Adding & Subtracting Decimals to the Tenths & Hundredths
5.NBT.7 – Word Problems that involve Adding & Subtracting Decimals to the Tenths & Hundredths

Warm-Up Activities: 

Pass out dry erase boards to pairs of students or individual students. Students will be using their boards to show their work throughout the warm-up activities.The teacher can begin with a quick review of the decimal concept that they are currently working on in class. They can go to the decimal drills link and then select the appropriate skill review for their specific students prior to playing “CASH OUT”. For younger students, making change from $1.00 is perfect.

For older kids, Subtracting Decimals to the Hundredths is perfect. By completing this activity prior to playing “CASH OUT”, you will have reviewed how to subtract money.

Main Activity:

Students will play “CASH OUT” game either as a whole group or on individual computers. Students should view the instructional video at first. If you are working as a whole group, each student could work the problem out on a dry erase board and then hold up their answers. If they are working in pairs or individually, they could still use a dry erase board to work on their problems. If they are working in pairs, they can then compare answers. Challenge students to try the different skill levels and to make as many sales as possible in three minutes. Explain to students that they receive tiered rewards depending on their achievement. The more sales they make the higher denomination of U.S. Currency their printable certificate will include at the end of the day. The $1,000 bill certificate is the highest that can be earned.


After students have played the game “CASH OUT”, the teacher can either formally or informally assess their students.

Informal Assessment Idea:

Put up a word problem on the board for all students to see that practices subtracting decimals to make change with money. Ask the students to work the problem on their dry erase boards and hold it up for the teacher to see. Repeat with 2-3 problems.

Formal Assessment Idea:

Print out Cash Out worksheets to distribute to students from: