You have been chosen by your distant great uncle, Montague Burnside, to receive his fortune of ten billion dollars! For the purposes of continuing his international reputation and legacy, and to make his "mark" for generations to come, Mr. Burnside has specified that his fortune must be spent purchasing all of 27 of the world's most famous landmarks. He expects you to use your math skills, knowledge of conversion rates and international currency, and your knack for buying and selling at the right times, to complete this mission in forty days. It will not be easy, but rest assured you can save your game and come back to it at any time.

How does it work?

In Burnside's Billions, users have to buy and sell world landmarks. Burnside's fortune is in US Dollars, but users have to use conversion rates to choose the correct amount of money to offer for the landmark in the currency of the nation the chosen landmark is located in. For example, if a user chooses to buy Big Ben, the amount to pay is listed in British Pounds. The user can check the current conversion rate from the "rates" menu and estimate the amount of money the landmark costs in U.S. Dollars. The user is given five choices, one of which is the correct converted amount. (see below)

Which is the correct amount to offer?

The user must choose from the five possibilities the correct conversion. See conversion rates below.

In this case, U.S. dollars must be converted to British Pounds. According to the rate chart, one U.S. dollar is equal to 0.6 British Pounds (these rates reflect actual rates and change dynamically). Big Ben costs $322.693 million British Pounds. To find the cost in U.S. dollars, divide $322,693,000 by 0.6. In many cases, the user will be able to estimate the answer. The correct answer is $537,830.000. If the user chooses this option, it will be a successful sale. If a user chooses an option that is too low, it will be rejected and the user will lose a 50% deposit. If the user chooses a price that is too high, the offer will be accepted and he or she will spend excess money.

What is the object of the game?

The object of the game is to buy as many landmarks as possible in the forty day time limit. Since prices of the landmarks change dynamically, users can make more money by selling off landmarks they have bought. Users can check the current value of any of their landmarks by clicking on "portfolio" and mousing over the landmark of interest. A day passes with each transaction. It is difficult, but very possible to successfully buy all 27 landmarks. During the course of the game, users will get the opportunities to buy landmarks on sale or for discounts.

What do all of the buttons do?

Click on the parts of the image below to learn more.

Help - This button gives you information regarding the goals of the game
Portfolio - This button keeps and record all landmarks you have purchased
Calculator - Allows you to make calculations
Rates - Displays a chart full of actual exchange rates. The chart compares the value of the U.S. Dollar to foreign currencies. For example, one U.S. Dollar is worth 0.6 British Pounds.
Map - Shows the geographic location of each landmark. Blue circles indicate previously purchased landmarks and red circles indicate landmarks yet to be purchased. To sell, a landmark, simply click on any your blue circles and then the "sell" button.
Money Remaining - shows how much money you have left
Landmarks Owned - Shows how many of the 27 landmarks you have purchased
Time Left - Shows how many days you have left. Each transaction you make counts as a "day". After the 40 days, the game ends.
Exit - Click here to end the game, or, to save your current game.