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Death of Tecumseh at the Battle of Thames

Battle of Thames – October 5, 1813

The Battle of Thames, sometimes called the Battle of Moraviatown, was a decisive American victory in the War of 1812.

After being defeated at the Battle of Lake Erie, British General Henry Proctor, deprived of supplies, retreated north. American General, and future president, William Henry Harrison, followed him into upper Canada, where the two armies met along the Thames River.

Harrison’s army of about 3,500 greatly outnumbered Proctor’s combined British and Native force of about 1,300. The British planned to trap the Americans along thebanks of the Thames River with cannon fire. The cannons, however, failed to shoot, enabling the Americans to attack the British front lines. British forces were forced to retreat through the region’s thick swamps causing many to surrender. During the retreat, the great Native chief Tecumseh was killed, demoralizing the British even more and resulting in the end of Native resistance. Following the Battle of Thames, the Americans had regained control of the Northwest Territory.