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Battle of Lundy's Lane

Battle of Lundy’s Lane – July 25, 1814

In one of the bloodiest battles of the War of 1812, and perhaps the bloodiest battle ever fought in Canada, British, Canadian, and native forces of about 2,200, under the command of Gordon Drummond and Phinneas Reall, engaged an American force of 2,200 under Winfield Scott and Jacob Brown.

The battle started in favor of the British and what seemed like a bidding massacre. Scott’s troops were devastated by British artillery placed on the hill of a cemetery as they attempted to cross an open field. American reinforcements, however, arrived and managed to capture the deadly British cannons. British reinforcements arriving shortly thereafter proved unsuccessful in their attempts to recapture the cannons. The battle waged through the night. The exhausted and decimated Americans were forced to retreat to Chippewa and the British withdrew to Queenston. The battle is considered inconclusive as neither side could claim victory. Over 1,700 casualties were recorded at Lundy’s Lane.