War of 1812: Battle of Lacolle Mills


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Battle of Lacolle Mills


Battle of Lacolle Mills- March 30, 1814


As part of a larger plan to invade and gain control of Canada, and to avenge the bitter defeat at the Battle of Crysler’s Farm, Major General James Wilkinson and over 4,000 men left Plattsburgh, New York and attacked the small outpost at Lacolle Mills. The outpost contained a small regiment of 70 or 80 British soldiers barricaded in a stone mill.

As Wilkinson tried to dislodge the soldiers from the mill with withering gunfire, the British responded with congreve rockets. During the battle, the British soldiers were reinforced by additional British and Canadian soldiers. Ultimately, American firepower proved in effective in its barrage on the stone mill and Wilkinson and his men were forced back into American territory. American forces suffered 154 casualties compared to 61 British casualties.