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Battle of Frenchtown

Battle of Frenchtown – January 22, 1813

The Battle of Frenchtown, also known as the Raisin River Massacre, was a devastating defeat for American forces.

American general James Winchester ignored orders from William Henry Harrsion to keep his soldiers near Harrison’s brigade for support. Instead, Winchester marched his soldiers well ahead to Frenchtown, where he promptly invaded the town. Four days later, the main force of British and Indian troops arrived at Frenchtown and surprise attacked the Americans. The disorganized Americans were massacred. Only 33 out of the original 400 American combatants escaped with their lives and hundreds were taken prisoner. Many prisoners were subsequently executed by the Indians. The mass execution of Americans became known as the Raisin River Massacre. More American fatalities were recorded here than at any other battle in the War of 1812.