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The American Revolution section is one of the most comprehensive on the entire internet for kids. Learn about causes and effects, battles, people of the Revolution, Loyalists and Patriots, or, access any of my hundreds of online or printable activities and games related to the Revolution!


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American Revolution

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Major American Wars

French and Indian War
Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Mexican-American War
Civil War


Washington Crossing the Delaware River.
Leutze’s Iconic Painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware

The Ultimate American Revolution Unit

This 252-page unit is a printable version of this section. It features over 100 printable activities including 42 different reading comprehension exercises, many of which are unavailable here (for now). Intended for use on grades 4-8, this unit is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Perfect for interactive notebooks!


Learning the American Revolution Through Reading Comprehension

This resource includes 34 reading comprehension passages designed for students in grades 4-8. Each passage contains a narrative and seven multiple choice questions. These passages and question sets will encourage students to analyze, infer, re-read, double-check, consider, compare, contrast, find, detail, make connections between, make connections within, deduce, and clarify the events of the American Revolution and the people involved. An answer sheet for all 34 passages is included. Now available on Teachers Pay Teachers!


Causes and Effects

This section provides links to detailed descriptions of the major causes and effects of the war. Many of these pages also feature online or printable activities.

Battle of Saratoga

Battles of the Revolutionary War

This section provides links to detailed descriptions of the important battles of the war such as Saratoga, Yorktown, and many others. Many of these pages also contain online and printable activities.


People of the Revolution

The section provides links to detailed biographies of 27 of the most important people involved in the American revolution such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. It also includes biographies of lesser known Patriots such as George Mason, Molly Pitcher, and Robert Morris.

American Revolution IOnteractiver

Revolution Interactive

This section provides a clickable map of the thirteen colonies where kids can learn about important battles, places, and landmarks of the American Revolution.

American Revolution Timeline

Revolution Timeline

Here, students can access an entire timeline of the Revolutionary period (1775-1783) filled with descriptions of well-known events and well as lesser-known events.

New England Patriots Logo


This page describes the major idealogical differences between Patriots and Loyalists and such differences affected the Revolution.

American Revolution Videos


This page provides more than a dozen videos embedded from the Biography Channel and the History Channel on important events, people, or battles of the Revolutionary War. Most are simple videos that last between two and five minutes.

American Revolution Activities

Online Activities

Here, teachers and students can access dozens of online activities related to the Revolutionary War such as reading comprehension exercises, cloze reading exercises, word searches, and much more.

American Revolution Printable Activities

Printable Activities

Here, teachers can find over forty printable activities related to the Revolutionary War, perfect for interactive notebooks, or, for critical thinking about the War. THESE ARE FREE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IN GETTING KIDS TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!


Who is Your Founding Father?

This might be the greatest history game on the internet. Students judge the accomplishments of four of the Founding Fathers on a scale of one to ten and watch them "race" to the Founding Father finish line.


American Revolution Timeline (the game)

This is another fun game which requires students to place the events of the American Revolution in their correct chronological order on a timeline.


American Revolution Flags

Revolutionary War Flags

Learn all about the various (and colorful) Revolutionary War flags. You can even print out outlines of the flags to color.

American Revolution Map

Make your Own Revolutionary War Maps!

Here you create your own Revolutionary War battles or places map and add color, text, labels, and a map key. This program can also be used to make such maps of nations, states, continents, and regions.