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Welcome to AIRmadillos! While armadillos are common in much of the southern portions of the United States and Mexico, a special breed of this mysterious mammal has colonized the remote Big Bend country of west Texas. This species, known as the AIRmadillo, has taken to flying paper airplanes in its chosen habitats. Today, you can play the role of the rarely seen AIRmadillo by using your math skills and quick reflexes to help him or her fly airplanes as far possible. Launch paper airplanes and watch them rocket through the sky by choosing the optimum arm release angle. Be careful though, wind speed, direction, airplane type, setting and arm power also play major factors in determining the distance your airplane will fly. You control it all. You get one practice throw and three “official” throws. If your three official throws total a distance of 50 meters or more, you can print out a special certificate. Have fun! This game was created exclusively for by Charles Yeh — age 16 of Robinson High School (Fairfax County, Virginia).