Academic Competitions

Competitions on MrNussbaum Premium

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On MrNussbaum Premium, teachers and students can use math skill competitions as motivation for reinforcement. Both students and teachers can set up online tournaments using our skill-based games or Common Core Drill exercises. In this way, hundreds of skills can be set up as a competition. Tournaments are completely customizable. Entire classes can participate or selected students. Teachers can set matchups or system can randomly select matchups. Scores come in real-time. Mr.N Premium Tournaments will literally transform you computer lab to a main event.

How do I make Tournaments?

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1.) Visit or to learn more
2.) Register on
3.) Pay subscription fees. Subscription fee is $2.00 per student/year. Pay with credit card through Paypal, purchase order, or personal check.
4.) Once paid, click on the "tournaments" icon and the "create new tournament" button at the top of the page. The rest is easy! Follow the prompts.

What Kind of Competitions can I Make?

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1.) You can create normal tournaments. Select whether you want the competition to be a game competition or drill competition and then select the students you want to participate in the tournament.
2.) Students can create their own tournaments and invite selected classmates
3.) Students can create "Academic Learning Teams." Captains of those teams can challenge other teams to tournaments. The team with highest average score wins the tournament.