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Who is Mr.Nussbaum?

Greg Nussbaum (Mr.Nussbaum) and wife Clara, Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) 7/6/2006

One of the most common questions I receive is “Are you a real person?” The answer is yes. In fact, I teach 6th grade in the Advanced Academic Program in the Fairfax County Public Schools at White Oaks Elementary. I am currently 37, am married to my wife Clara and live in Loudoun County, Virginia. We had our first baby, William (who we call Will) on December 6th, 2009 and had our second son, Gabriel, on March 31, 2012.

Our Boys: Will, 5, and Gabriel, 2

Mr.Nussbaum at the Continental Divide


The Site

MrNussbaum.com was developed with the idea that crucial concepts, themes, ideas, and fact sets taught in the classroom can be enhanced over the internet through interactivity. Furthermore, for teachers to have a reliable k -8 internet site to use in the computer lab or in the classroom, that likely covers one or many themes currently being taught. MrNussbaum.com offers dozens of interactive games specifically designed to pinpoint one or several essential concepts taught in elementary years, and dozens of research themes designed to make the process of gathering information interactive and enjoyable. MrNussbaum.com, however, does not just present information, but in addition, provides numerous interactive activities to complement the presentation of interactive information.


The Vision

For our young users….
* MrNussbaum.com aims to create an indispensible learning atmosphere for kids in grades K-8, that successfully blends fun with learning. When students associate fun with learning, anything is possible in terms of skill-building and achievement.
* MrNussbaum.com aims to create learning games that reinforce skills as well as challenge students to improve upon skills they already possess.
* MrNussbaum.com aims to create educational games in which students can role-play. We have found that kids become much more immersed in educational games if they can take on an unusual role (such as an arm-wrestling pretzel, a super hero trying to save the world from alien decimals, or a hero trying to dispatch of a band of horrid place-value pirates).
* MrNussbaum.com aims to create learning applications and interactive materials that help make the learning of elementary concepts interactive in all subjects.
For our teachers and parents….
*MrNussbaum.com aims to create a learning resource in which teachers can find and utilize a huge variety of different interactive and printable materials to use with their students.
*MrNussbaum.com aims to create an environment in which parents and teachers can smply let their children explore, and know they are benefitting.
*MrNussbaum.com aims to become the first place parents and teachers explore when looking for interactive ways to present and reinforce elementary concepts.



MrNussbaum.com is actively seeking direct advertisers. Our site reaches millions of K-8 students, teachers, homeschoolers, and parents every month.



Please contact me if you or your organization is interested in licensing games or educational content. We own 100% of our content (other than public domain images and sounds and fonts we have licensed from others) and currently license to several major educational organizations, technology companies, and children’s entertainment sites.


Where do you get all of the information and images?

Information and images are gathered from a number of sources including:


  • Open Source documents, lists, and databases (such as statistics on world nations and states)
  • Open Source image archives
  • Owners of images who give permission (All bird images are taken from https://www.westol.org/~banding with permission from site owner)
  • Wikipedia.org (images are licensed under public domain, creative commons, or GNU Free Documentation)
  • www.worldatlas.com (for images that are documented as free for any use)
  • www.clipart.com
  • images.fws.gov

Fair Use

MrNussbaum.com is offered free for all to use. There are no restrictions concerning the use of MrNussbaum.com as long as our advertisements are not subject to blocking. Please e-mail me for permission before reproducing and re-distributing any activities.


Internet Safety and Privacy

Many of the MrNussbaum.com games and applications prompt users for a “name,” which can be a code name, initials, or any sort of nickname or alias. Users are discouraged from entering their actual names, not because of any danger in doing so on MrNussbaum.com, but rather because of dangers of doing so on non-kid friendly sites. We do NOT want to encourage such habits. MrNussbaum.com contains advertisements and links to external sites and is NOT responsible for external content. For the most part, we use third-party advertisement networks and do not contract with individual advertisers. If you see an advertisement that seems inappropriate, please report it immediately to mrnussbaumcom@gmail.com with the subject line: BAD AD. There is an privacy policy and user agreement associated with this site. Please visit www.mrnussbaum.com/privacy.htm to view legal information associated with using this site.


MrNussbaum Programmers and Developers

Although MrNussbaum.com started out as a small classroom site, it has grown beyond my wildest imagination and attracts millions of visitors from around the world. I have an international team of programmers and developers who bring to life the crazy game and applications ideas I come up with it.

Thank You to:

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of interesting questions. Below are the most common.


  • Can you help me with my homework? Unfortunately, I cannot help with homework.


  • Why did you start the site? I thought I could create an awesome resource for people to use throughout the world. It started off as a simple class page, but has evolved into something much bigger.


  • I found an error or typo, what should I do? Please e-mail me as soon as possible. There are invariably going to be errors on a site so large. I do my very best to edit the site, but I am sure it is not free of errors. If the site were one or two pages there would be no excuse. Most major websites have people who do nothing but edit. I am the only editor for MrNussbaum.com


  • How do you make a website? It is actually very easy to make a simple website. I learned the basics from buying a HTML for Dummies book. I took classes to learn the more difficult stuff such as javascript and MX Flash.


  • The games don’t show up on my computer. This is usually because your computer does not have the newest version of FLASH. Many of the games require the latest version. The latest version of Flash can be downloaded by visiting www.adobe.com and clicking on “downloads”. It is free.


  • I have an idea for a game, would you make it? I would if it was a very good idea. I think the best games are those that are creative, original, and a little bit weird.


  • Do people help you with the site? At first, I was a one-man show, but now, I hire outside programmers to make games based on my ideas and specifications. For example, Place Value Pirates and Death to Decimals were games based on my ideas that were produced by programmers that I paid.


  • Do you enjoy working on MrNussbaum.com? It has become my passion. I spend two to three hours and sometimes more every day maintaining it. You would be surprised at all of the things that need constant attention when you run a website with thousands of pages.


  • Can I link to MrNussbaum.com? Yes, please do. Permission is not necessary.


  • Can you help with homework? Most likely not, though I am surprised at how many homework help related e-mail requests I get. I probably don’t have the time to help out with homework.