On January 1 or sooner, we will be launching what I consider to be our best product ever - Mr. N 365. This is somewhat of a turning point in our 16 year history. While the MrNussbaum.com you are familiar with will remain free and accessible to all for the foreseeable future, Mr. N 365 will now be our main focus. Mr. Nussbaum XTEND and Mr. Nussbaum No Ads will be phased out and are no longer open to new registrants.

What is MrN 365?


Mr. N 365 is a subscription-based site that includes all of the content currently on MrNussbaum.com, plus an additional 4,000 new activities only available on Mr. N 365. All of the new content we create will only be available on Mr. N 365. As a current public school teacher, I know that despite the hours I spend planning, I always seem to be scrambling for resources in the MINUTES before my students come through the door. Mr. N 365 is designed to allow teachers to EASILY access the web's most engaging and interesting activities at any time for any group of students whether you're planning long-term, or, you find yourself needing on-demand activities in five minutes! With Mr. N 365, you don't have to scramble anymore.

Mr. N 365 will look a whole lot different than MrNussbaum.com and will serve as a major departure from its current format. The site will be organized in calendar format and each day of the year will feature a mini-curriculum full of online games, and the quality and super fun online and printable activities you are used to from MrNussbaum.com. Activities and games will be organized by appropriate subject, type, and grade level. That said, the site will also feature a powerful search and filter system that will enable you to find your favorite old and new activities from MrNussbaum.com quite easily.

For example:

Since February 6th is National Pizza Day, all activities for this day will be pizza-themed or related (in some way) to pizza.

Since March 5th was the day of the Boston Massacre, each activity will be themed or related to the Boston Massacre.

Since January 4th is Utah statehood day, activities for that day will be themed or related to Utah.


Here is a screenshot of the teacher view for January and part of February. The icons represent the themes. Among other visible themes are Benjamin Franklin, Dragons, Penguins, Soup, Alaska, Birds, and Rosa Parks. Click on any icon to access an entire curriculum of printable and online activities for any grade level related to the theme of that day. The statistics below the calendar represent the total number of available activities for that month. you can click on these to sort this way.




When you click on an icon, you'll see a screen similar to the one above. Note how each activity is described and grade-leveled. Clicking on the "check out more" button will reveal many more activities. See below.



Notice the long list of interesting activities. Also note, the filters on the left side of the page and the option to use those filters to search the current day, or, to search the entire site.



Notice how easy it is to bookmark or deploy activities to your students. Simply click the buttons at the top of the page.



Am I bound by a the calendar dates? What if I want to use resources from a different day?

Paid users are not bound by the day of the year and can use any resource on the site at any time. You can skip from day to day or use the search and filter features to find activities. When complete, there will be over 400 interactive games, 4,000 printable resources, and 5,000 online activities.

Non-paid users are content-limited to three days, but can add two more if they share the site via social media. Some of our resources will also become available via Teachers Pay Teachers


  • No advertisements
  • Thousands of new activities and subject areas unavailable on mrnussbaum.com
  • Teachers can bookmark their favorite activities
  • Teachers can deploy games and activities to student dashboards
  • Teachers can use our Jeopardy and Tic Tac Dough templates to create their own games
  • Teachers can generate their own content using MrN templates. This means they can make their own reading comprehension, cloze reading, and many other types of activities
  • Teachers can share their content and use content made by other teachers
  • No student data collection or worries
  • All answer sheets provided with subscription
  • Pricing

    One of the primary goals was to keep MrNussbaum 365 totally affordable. We looked at the prices for all similar services and made the commitment to price this at 1/2 the cost of the least expensive. Thus, a one-year teacher subscription is $79.99 or a little less than $6 per month per single classroom. A school subscription is priced at $699.

    How does it work?

    The site is VERY easy to use. As soon as you log in, you'll be able to search activities, bookmark activities, or find activities and deploy to your students. You can easily create your own content as well or search for content created by other teachers on the system. The whole system was built with time-strapped teachers in mind. It is totally intuitive.

    Beta-testing and Content Submission

    I will open Mr. N 365 to beta-testing in November. Please e-mail me if you are interested. I will select five teachers for beta-testing which includes a free one-year subscription. If you have printable content that relates to any of the 365 themes on Mr. N 365, we may be interested in purchasing or licensing it. Please e-mail me if this if this interests you. In addition, if you create similar content, we may be interested in talking to you!